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Mesocience Machine:

MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR based on nobel price winning technique electroporation is a piece of equipment that combines four electro aesthetic techniques, and which is well-known for its effective active ingredient penetration capacity, with excellent results

These synergic results are obtained because MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR sequentially enhances the three existing skin penetration route: intro eqidermal Interepidermal and through skin appendices.

MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR has also designed a range of mesocosmetics, offering an extensive but controlled supply of active ingredients for each treatment .The active ingredients have been selected from among the most effective on the market,choosing those that adapt best to the characteristics of our equipment, thereby optimizing their effectiveness and maximizing results.

Estra-concentrated formulated phails with delivery systems and penetration agents for transporting the active ingredients to the deepst layers, and guaranteeing that the pure active ingredients are perfectly conserved.

These are well-known for their effectiveness, having the necessary size,paloarity and skin affinity to optimize the performance of the apparatus used in aesthetics.Enriched with a polyanion of very low molecular weight, which in increases the size and opening time of the channels created by the virtual needle technique (ionophoresis- electroporation), multiplying the effective cellular absorption of the active ingredients.