Anti Wrinkle Treatment For Wrinkled, Flaccid And Aged Skins

While we celebrate our birthdays with lots of fan-fare, we overlook the fact that with passage of every year, our body and skin starts to age. With every passing year, our skin becomes thin, less elastic and more fragile.

One might notice that, with age we bruise more easily. Decreased production of natural oils makes our skin drier too. Wrinkles, age spots and small growths called skin tags become very common.

So, Is it possible to reverse this process of aging? While the physiological aging can not be stopped…. it can definitely be delayed by making some lifestyle changes.

One must start to protect his/her skin from everyday sun exposure. Daily routine of Cleanse – Toning and Moisturising skin, goes a long way in maintaining the youthful looks. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, drink less alcohol and try to exercise most days of the week. Smoking is bad for health as well as skin. These small steps of looking after the skin, definitely helps to delay ageing.

CORRECTIVE range of products from SKEYNDOR truly stands by its name. It is  inspired by the world’s most prestigious medical aesthetic therapies, created and formulated for treating deepest wrinkles.

It is a ultimate concept in anti-ageing, and is a real and effective alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX and injectable fillers. It gives visible results in the first few applications, and has long-term results through the cumulative effect achieved over time.

Regular use of products gives more radiant, softer and younger looking skin as well as softened expression lines and re-densified and firmer skin.

Home care products are:

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