Best Skin Whitening Cream

A normal skin whitening cream can help you reach the goal of flawless and blemish-free skin. But the best skin whitening cream will also keep you protected from outside damage.

This damage comes in many forms. And if not taken care of, it can build up to permanent disfigurement. This is why a skin whitening cream should always be a part of your beauty regimen.

Make sure to pick the best skin whitening cream possible. One that focuses on restoring the skin to its natural state.

Types of Skin Damage

Here are the main types of skin damage that affect the skin of people in India.

1. Sunburn

2. Acne

3. Dark Spots

4. Toxins from Smoke

5. Airborne Dust/Dirt

These different types of pollutants build up on our skin over time. This buildup clogs up the pores and causes irritation all over the skin. It also ends up making the skin feel rough all over.

As a result, the whole face seems dark and dull. If your skin is also oily, that only adds to the problems. As people with oily skin often have to worry about acne as well.

How Does a Skin Whitening Cream Help?

A good Skin Whitening Cream provides even skin colour and a brightening effect to the skin. This happens by following the CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) formula towards skincare.

This easy-to-remember acronym makes for a sensible beauty philosophy. Make sure you go for skin whitening creams that work fast for quick relief.

With proper nourishment and regular cleansing, the skin becomes smoother and more resilient. A face skin whitening cream will also help even out the skin tone.

Here are the major benefits that you can expect from the best skin whitening cream on the market.

1. Lightens skin colour

2. Reduces Sun Damage

3. Fades Dark Spots

These add up to a glow-like effect that looks radiant on a smooth skin tone. This is why people often confuse a skin whitening cream with a fairness product. As by clearing up the skin, it makes it look like the person became fairer.

Which Skin Whitening Cream To Use?

There are lots of options available online in the skin whitening cream category. Each product focuses on delivering different results to different people.

Skeyndor too has lots of options available for a good face skin whitening cream. You can explore the Derma Peel Pro Line, the Urban White Line, and the Aquatherm Line for best results. All these lines focus on clearing up your skin and make it shine.

All the products can function as either a skin whitening cream for men or a skin whitening cream for women. Although, make sure whatever you pick is the right one for you. As they are often not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Let us divide the various skin whitening cream we have based on what they do.


The first step towards getting fairer skin is to make sure it is clean and clear. The following products can help achieve this goal.

1. Urban White – Skin Foaming Cleanser

2. Derma Peel Pro – Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel

3. Aquatherm – Thermal Cleansing Gel

These products work towards clearing up the surface, as well as the pores of the skin. You can use the Skin Foaming Cleanser on a regular basis. It is a cleansing mousse that uses a patented system for releasing AHA’s that doesn’t cause any irritation.

The Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel is a bit intense on the skin. As it uses glycolic acid as an exfoliating agent. So, you should use it only once a week. But you will still get the best results possible.

The Thermal Cleansing Gel works best for people with oily skin. It cleanses sensitive skin, without messing up the ecological balance of the skin. It helps protect the skin from external aggressors and also restores the pH levels of the skin.


To balance the pH levels of the skin, nothing works better than a good toner. They refresh and soothe the skin while keeping it protected from external elements.

The effect makes the original skin tone shine through. It also minimizes the appearance of pores. So, when you are searching for the best skin whitening cream available, pick one that also works as a toner. This is because an uneven skin pH balance can cut down the glow of the skin.

A good toner helps correct this, by restoring the natural ecological balance in the skin. As a result, the skin calms down and is more resistant to acne breakouts.

For the best results, you can look at the following options.

1. Natural Defence – Aloe Rich Tonic

2. Aquatherm – Thermal Concentrate Water

The Aloe Rich Tonic is an alcohol-free formula that features Aloe Vera extracts. The aloe helps calm the skin down. It also contains plant-based amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The Thermal Concentrate Water is also quite beneficial. It contains spring water sourced from the south of France. The water is rich in Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium salt. This is why you can find it in cosmetic products.

Moisturizing / Sun Protection

A good skin whitening cream always contains a moisturizing element. It helps nourish the skin, especially when it has gotten dark, dull, and oily.

This is a common issue with women working in urban environments. They need extra sustenance during the day to protect their body from permanent harm.

This is why a skin whitening cream can double up as day cream, as long as it has enough SPF protection. Skeyndor’s Shield Day Cream plays that role well.

As the name suggests, the cream is for daytime protection against pollution. It also protects against sun damage with an infusion of SPF 20 protection.

For similar protection, we also have the following options:

1. Derma Peel Pro – Resurfacing Peel Cream

2. Derma Peel Pro – Resurfacing Peel Emulsion

The purpose of both the Resurfacing Peel Cream and Emulsion is to act as an exfoliant. They help reduce pigmentation and generate new skin. But they can also double up as sun protection when needed, thanks to inbuilt SPF20 protection.

The difference between the Exfoliating Cream and the Emulsion is not that complicated. The first one works on dry skin, while the other on oily and combination skin.

Night Protection

The nourishment needs of your skin don’t go away with the passing of the day. This means you should invest in a good skin whitening night cream as well.

These creams help cover the needs of your skin while you sleep. This encourages faster recovery for the skin, which also looks more refreshed. For the best results, you can start with the following products.

1. Urban White – Spot Eraser Cream

2. Derma Peel Pro – Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15%

The Spot Eraser Cream is a good product for night time use. It works as a de-pigmentation cream, but without the extra sun protection. This actually makes it feel lighter on the skin.

The Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15% works in a more intensive capacity since it is a serum. It features a delayed-release mechanism for the active ingredients. This makes it great for overnight rest.

There are other options in the skin whitening night cream category on our website. You can shop for all your needs, with easy delivery available all over the country.

How to Use a Skin Whitening Cream?

The application process is the same for both men and women. So, you can use these products as both a skin whitening cream for men or as a skin whitening cream for women.

You can use these simple precautions when using a skin whitening cream.

1. Use a minimal amount once a day.

2. Don’t use the exfoliants more than twice a week.

3. Keep away from sensitive areas.

4. People with sensitive skin should avoid excessive exfoliation.

5. Make sure you cleanse your skin at the end of the day, even if you don’t feel the cosmetic on your face.

Professional Skin Whitening Treatments

To get the best effects, you can explore Skeyndor Professional Salon Treatments. We offer the same tried and tested formulation with a luxurious addition.

You can expect the following benefits from a visit to one of our salon partners.

1. Multi-step application performed by a trained salon professional.

2. Relaxing face massage treatment.

3. Expert advice on building a skincare routine.

4. Option to try and buy Skeyndor home care products.

5. A thorough pampering session that you deserve.

To learn more, visit our website. We have a ‘Know Your Treatment‘ section that helps you select the best treatments for you. Our team will even book the appointments on your behalf.

So take some time to invest in yourself and let your skin shine anew.

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