4 Simple And Effective Steps To Choose The Best Sunscreen

Sunscreen helps to minimize sunburn and skin damage. Being exposed to the sun for a long time makes your delicate skin vulnerable.

Whether you’re on a beach vacation or working outside, it’s important to protect your skin with the appropriate sunscreen. UV radiation can cause a variety of medical problems, including sunburn, wrinkles, skin damage, and more.

How Does The Formulation Of Sunscreen Work?

Sunburn is caused mostly by UVB radiation. UVA rays, on the other hand, penetrate the skin more deeply causing skin aging and wrinkling. You need a way of blocking and absorbing UV radiation. And that is what a high-quality Sunscreen does.

The formula of Sunscreen works by absorbing and blocking both UV and UVB rays.

The Importance Of Using Sunscreen Everyday

1. Aids Against The Chances Of Skin Cancer

The negative impacts of sun exposure are reduced when SPF is used in conjunction with other sun protection practices such as wearing dark clothing and sunglasses. Sunscreen protects your skin and lowers your chances of skin cancer and precancerous lesions.

2. Prevents Sunburn

A single sunburn can double the risk of developing skin cancer. This is because UV radiation from the sun can harm the genetic material in skin cells after penetration. Sunscreen, fortunately, protects the skin against UV rays by soaking, reflecting, or diverting sunlight.

3. Prevents Premature Signs

Sunscreen is a preventative formulation that not only protects your skin from sun damage but also treats wrinkles, age spots, and crow’s feet. Long-term exposure to UVA radiation causes your skin to age quickly and affects collagen production. In fact, solar damage is responsible for up to 90% of the apparent indicators of aging. By using SPF along with your regular skincare routine, you can limit the early signs of aging.

4. No Blotchy Skin & Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation occurs when portions of the skin discolor or darken in an uneven manner.  If your face, arms, and other parts of the body are routinely exposed to the sun, blotchy skin or dark spots may appear. Wearing sunscreen is an easy approach to avoid these skin concerns.

5. Stop DNA Damage

Sun rays are also the major damaging factors of skin DNA and this can lead to medical conditions like skin cancer and photoaging. Inflammatory in epithelial tissue accelerated aging and tumor growth, can all result from these abnormalities. Sunscreen provides enough protection against the sun’s rays and keeps UV rays at bay.

How To Choose The Best Sunscreen?

At the time of selecting Sunscreen, one of the primary things to consider is your allergy concerns regarding any specific ingredients. It is important to check the ingredients used and look for any potential toxicity. Apart from this, you must consider the following factors to make the best choice in Sunscreens –

1. The Formulation and The Active Ingredients –

Make sure, the formulation includes Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Avobenzone as the active ingredients in the sunscreen. It is recommended to use Sunscreen with Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A).

2. Make Sure The Product Has Broad Spectrum SPF –

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50. It aids in the protection of your skin from sunburn and premature aging. It also aids in the prevention of UVA radiation.

3. Delivery Formats –

The delivery format of a sunscreen determines how it feels and acts on different skin types. There are three common types of sunscreen on the market:

A. Sprays- These are ideal for applying sunscreen to areas of the body that are difficult to reach.

B. Lotions- These are some of the most popular and hydrating sunscreen formulas. They come in a variety of colors and textures to suit different skin types.

C. Sticks- These are some of the most portable and least choices available. They can be used by rubbing them into your skin. They are a practical alternative for travel since they have a very low risk of leaking.

4. Level Of Sun Exposure

Another important consideration when selecting sunscreen is your level of exposure to the sun. For example, you must evaluate how long you will be exposed to the sun, how powerful it will be, and what activities you will be doing while in the sun. Here are some suggestions-

A. Outdoors: If you’ll be outside for a long time (two hours or more), use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater.

B. Sports/swimming: It’s recommended to use a sweat-resistant or water-resistant sunscreen with 50 SPF if you’re going to do sports outside or in the water.

C. Every day: Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on regular days when you will be in the sun and shade.

Tips For Using Sunscreen

– Regardless of the weather, sunscreen should always be worn.

– It is recommended to use sunscreen at night as well.

– Apply two teaspoons of sunscreen to the exposed regions of your body if you’re wearing swimwear.

– Apply sunscreen on your face, arms, feet, neck, ears, and other exposed areas of your body.

– If you’re going to use a sunscreen spray, make sure to apply it evenly all over your body.

– Before wearing makeup, make sure you are using Sunscreen after moisturization. Always use primer waiting 5-10minutes after applying sunscreen.

– It is recommended to reapply Sunscreen every 4-5hours.

– Sunscreen is supposed to clog your pores, hence choose a formulation that is oil-free.

– Always buy non-comedogenic sunscreens if you are having extremely sensitive skin.

– It is recommended to use Sunscreen after washing, and moisturizing your skin.

– If your skin complexion is dark (high melanin), then SPF level up to 30 is sufficient, but if your skin is prone to sunburn with a lighter complexion (fair- less melanin), then consider using sunscreen with SPF50.

Skeyndor Top Recommendations In Sunscreens

1. Blue Light Technology Protective Cream SPF 50

This product ensures your skin is shielded from the effects of the sun by offering effective protection from UVA, UVB, and IR rays, as well as LED lights and radiations. The key ingredients are- Ronacare AP and Crambe Maritima Extract. The formulation features Blue Light Technology that mainly targets the Skin with higher exposure to electronic gadgets & Lights. The product has 75ml of sunscreen and is suitable for all skin types.

2. Dry-Touch Protective Emulsion SPF 50 –

This product protects skin from sun damage UVA- UVB and offers IR Protection. Dry Touch Protective Emulsion features Ronacare AP + Crambe Maritima (sea kale) extract and is best suited for people with Oily and Skin Types. It has a dry touch formula that prevents greasiness and offers an instant mattifying effect after application.

3. Invisible Protective Sun Spray SPF 50 –

Invisible Protective Sun Spray comes with easy-to-apply packaging. You can easily reach the places on your body like your back or thighs, by using the spray head of this product. This product can be used on both the face and body. Sensitive skin type people can use this product. It is a non-comedogenic product that protects delicate skin from high sun exposure with an SPF level of 50.

4. Skeyndor Energizing Cream SPF 15 –

Skeyndor Energizing Cream features a special formulation that includes 3% Vitamin C derivative and 3% HG pomegranate extract. This product offers SPF15 Sun protection and brightens skin by reviving the dull & uneven skin tone. This cream is good for dry and combination skin types.

5. Skeyndor Protective Sun Emulsion SPF 30 –

This Skeyndor Protective Sun Emulsion comes with SPF 30 and the formulation includes Ronacare AP and Myo – Inositol. This sunscreen is good for prolonged sun exposure and good for all skin types and all ages. Before going out in the sun, apply a large amount of emulsion to your face and body. Reapply often, especially after sweating, swimming, or drying oneself.

6. Skeyndor Shield Day Cream

Skeyndor Shield Day Cream contains SPF 20 and this is a whitening & Lightening Cream. The formula of this Sunscreen has an Urban pollution protector that not only protects your skin from sun damage but also treats blemishes. This cream is recommended for all skin types (excluding sensitive ones).

7. Skeyndor Tinted Protective Cream SPF 50 –

If you want to protect your skin with a hint of coverage so that you do have to wear makeup, then this Skeyndor Tinted Protective Cream is what you are looking for. This product has SPF 50 protection and you can use it for regular usage. This gives a slight coverage for the uneven & discolored skin. From normal to sensitive skin types- this product is ideal for all.

8. SOS Sun Repair Booster

This SOS Sun Repair Booster is exclusively formulated for the skin that has been damaged by Sun Exposure. It treats sunburns, tans, rashes, and other skin problems caused by sunlight. This product can be applied to both the face and body. Include the application of this product in your after-shower skin-care routine and see the visible changes in a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

Sunscreen shields our skin from the sun’s damaging rays. SPF, ingredients, skin type, formulation, and sun exposure level are all factors to consider when picking the finest sunscreen. The best sunscreen for you is the one that is suited for all your skin concerns. Choose your sunscreen today and use it on a daily basis for improved skin quality.

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