Golden Rule for Beautiful Skin
Want to know the Golden Rule for Beautiful Skin ? In today’s times, STRESS has become a synonym to LIFE. Everyone has loads of stress to handle, be it  a working women or housewife or a college going student. All this stress leads to breakouts, sluggish and dull skin. This is my attempt to put together some tips to over- come the skin problems we all face everyday.

Roughness of skin is the first sign that we notice on skin. As the moisture in skin starts to reduce, skin becomes rough, loses its soft and supple texture. It might become sensitive too with few eruptions and dullness. Lack of radiance and moisture makes the skin look dehydrated and undernourished. You may start to worry as to why your charming , good looks are reducing with every passing day.

My first recommendation is to start following a healthy diet for body as well as mind.

Start making and eating healthy meals. Have balanced meals along with salads, fruits, juices, dahi, milk etc. Avoid fried foods, junk foods. Drink plenty of water. Prefer having coconut water over carbonated drinks. Prefer green tea over regular milk tea. Drink Nimbu Pani and fresh juices instead of canned juices. Avoid excessive sugars, chocolates, sweet dishes. Instead switch to fresh fruits after meals.

Also, start exercising for at least 10-15 minutes everyday. You can start by doing some indoor exercises or Yoga . If possible, start watering the plants in your garden. Its healing for your mind and nourishing  for the plants too. Meditate and practice Pranayam for your good mental health.

These small changes in your daily routine will help you control the stress levels and make a remarkable impact on your skin condition. These are few Internal factors which will help you improve your skin condition.

Also, start following the Golden Rule for Beautiful Skin.

Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising and Protection

Skeyndor offers a wide range of products to help you in this routine. They offer products for every  skin type  and skin condition. Choose as per your skin need and enjoy healthy looking skin everyday.

Home Care Products :

Cleansers : Delicate Cleansing Milk, Thermal Cleansing Gel, Skin Foaming Cleanser, Detox face wash

Toners : Thermal Concentrate Water, Aloe Rich Tonic

Moisturisers : Energizing Cream/Emulsion, Intensive Moisturising Cream/Emulsion, Shield Day Cream, Ultra moisturising Cream 24H, Rich Nutrive Cream

Protectors : Protective Sun Emulsion SPF 30, Dry Touch – Protective Emulsion SPF 50, Blue Light technology – Protective Cream SPF 50

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