The Essential Guide to Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Under Eye Creams have been the ultimate savior for people with dark pigment around the eye with visible fine lines, patchiness and puffiness. There’s no denying the fact that eyes are the very first facial feature to attract attention! Having these beautiful parts of our face encircled with dark circles or wrinkles is certainly not sought-after.

Both men and women complain about having dark circles around their eyes. Who wouldn’t love to have beautiful eyes free of underlying darkness or any sort of wrinkles or puffiness? Is applying under eye cream the only solution? Who knows! Maybe… But before jumping into the solution, we must understand what’s the reason behind these under eye pigments, wrinkles and puffiness.

Here are the top reasons that cause pigments/wrinkles/puffiness under the eye-

1. Lack of sleep/Insomnia
2. Pollution/ Excessive Sun Exposure
3. Depression
4. Fatigue due to work
5. Postnatal Exhaustion
6. Genetics/ Medical condition
7. Signs of ageing

Now, the fine lines, wrinkles, and dark blemishes around the eyes can snatch the shine of your gorgeous eyes and make your entire face seem dull. The skin around the eyes is quite delicate. You need to take care of it to look good and fresh. Also, patchiness under the eye makes the application of makeup products look odd and superfluous.

What’s The Solution?

Instead of covering them with concealer as a temporary solution, it is high time to look for the best under eye cream in India for permanent and effective results. A good under-eye skincare routine can help to a great extent in reducing the fine lines, wrinkles, darkness and even puffiness under the eyes.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using under eye creams and discuss the best under eye creams by Skeyndor that can help you get rid of such problems and instead get attractive eyes. Let’s get started-

Significance Of Using Under Eye Cream

We may spend our time, effort and money in practising high-end skincare regimens, but what about the eyes? The lack of eye care results in the appearance of dark circles, patchiness, wrinkles, puffiness and other skin-related issues around the eyes. This actually harms the overall personality- making one look 24x7tired, exhausted and sick.

If you are seeing the signs of ageing and some fine lines around the eyes, it is recommended to take proper care of your eye contour zone at the earlier stage by applying high-quality Under Eye Cream, otherwise, it will take a significant amount of time to treat the darkness and wrinkles. The lack of collagen, elastin, and fat cells under the eye area makes wrinkles appear more easily. Giving proper eye treatment using the best under eye cream at the right age will help keep all these concerns at bay.

Benefits That A High-Quality Under Eye Cream Offers-

• Applying a good quality Under Eye Cream on a regular basis helps to moisturise and plump the skin while also smoothening out fine wrinkles.
• By using the right Under Eye Cream at the right time, you can improve the underskin fluid circulation, which will reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.
• Eye creams of the highest quality are formulated with nutrients and other vital ingredients that can help you get rid of tired-looking eyes.
• The eye-contour treatment, which includes a variety of creams and gels, helps you achieve a bright appearance.
• The Under Eye Cream hydrates the skin while also protecting it from premature ageing.
• Regular application of an excellent eye contour cream improves blood circulation preventing eyes to appear weary and lifeless due to dark patches and sagging under-eye bags.

Eye Creams offered by Skeyndor:-

1. Cooling Eye Contour & Eye Lash Gel
The best under eye cream in India, Cooling Eye Contour & Eye Lash Gel by Skeyndor comes with a special formulation that enhances your eyelashes while also rejuvenating and reviving the eye contour region. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the key ingredients in this eye contour gel. The gel thickens your eyelashes and has an instant rejuvenating effect when used on a regular basis. The ice-cold gel minimizes puffiness and firms the skin, reducing sagging skin and dark circles around the eyes. It lessens eye bags and smoothens out wrinkles in the eye area. The tube packaging comes with an award winning alloy applicator for the effortless application of the product on micro lines.

Pros Of This Product
• Lessens Puffiness
• Reduces the Fine lines around the eyes.
• Strengthens eyelashes
• Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Tree Essence, Biotin and Collagen
• Suits all Skin Types
• Easy application

Direction Of Use-
Apply small amounts of product to eyelids and bags under the eyes, then softly slide the applicator around your eye contour and crow’s feet in small circular motions.

2. Eternal Icy Eye Cream
Eye wrinkles can make eyes appear lifeless and sagging. It has an impact on the overall appearance of your face. Eternal Icy Eye Cream is an anti-wrinkle eye cream and it is best used to prevent signs of ageing in the eye contour area and provides a refreshing cooling sensation. This effect under eye cream acts on epidermal stem cells, boosting the production of vital dermal elements. The base of the cream is pure glacial water from Switzerland, which instantly refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. It has a strong impact on epidermal stem cells and reduces the dull, flaccid, and wrinkled skin for a better eye appearance.

Pros Of This Product
• Contracts the sagging skin of the eye contour
• Reduces The Flaccid and wrinkles
• Smoothens the fine lines and diminishes the darkness
• Reduces the morning puffiness
• Offers proper hydration to the patchy skin
• Includes rich ingredients like- Swiss glacier water. Apple phytosterols, lavender extract, and marine fennel extract.

Direction Of Use-

After cleansing, apply a small layer of cream and do a light outwards massage. Pay special attention to wrinkles and massage the eye contour with pressure points until the cream is completely absorbed.

3. Power C+ Eye Contour (Decongestive Eye Treatment- Light Effect)
While talking about the best under eye cream in India, this product deserves a must mention! Eye Contour is a high-quality decongestive solution for reducing the extreme pigmentation under the eye. The special formula is best at offering a lighter effect on the dark under eye area. The key ingredient of this Eye Contour product is Vitamin C and pomegranate extract that is generally best-known for brightening the eye contour region while focusing on the elimination of dark fine lines around the eyes. The product features a blend of natural oils to diminish wrinkles, dark rings, and puffiness while also relaxing eyes from tiredness. All in all the product gives an instant fresh feeling and prevents premature signs of ageing.

Pros Of The Products
• Advanced treatment of dark circles
• Effective brightening of Eye contour zone
• A must-have addition to the night skincare routine
• Mess-free application
• Quick absorption
• Also focuses on the skin rejuvenation

Direction Of Use-

Apply a few drops of the solution after your regular cleansing process, using gentle circular motions. Close your eyes and gently rub the eyelid line in an upward curved motion.

4. Lift Definition Eye Contour Cream
A revolutionary under eye cream solution, Lift Definition Eye Contour Cream features ProGEN-in. This anti-ageing technology is the unification of progressive firming active ingredients with reaffirming anti-wrinkle lipopeptide, Alaria seaweed extract and buckwheat. This exceptional eye cream solution not only eliminates dark circles but also restores the saggy eye bags for a firmer and uplifting effect. If used regularly, your eye area will be wrinkle-free without the chances of apparent puffiness. In fact, the formula tightens the sagging skins around the eyes that eventually reduces the fine lines, patchiness and dryness. You can also apply this Eye Contour Cream as the eye makeup base before the application of concealer to bypass the cakey effect of the makeup.

Pros Of This Products
• Offers uplifting effects on the eyes
• Makes the eye contour zone firmer and radiant
• Can also be used as the eye makeup base for a flawless look
• Features Skeyndor [ProGEN-in] technology
• Has the goodness of Alaria seaweed extract
• Anti-wrinkle lipopeptide and Buckwheat contributes to the restoration of fine lines, wrinkles and patchiness
• Reduces droopy eyes and reduces puffiness.
• Suitable for all skin types

Direction Of Use-

Apply a tiny amount of the product to the eye contour region after cleansing as usual, then massage the product from the inside out leading to the forehead corner.

Bottom Lines
Beautiful eyes speak the temperament of your personality while reflecting your inner aura. When you are about to purchase an Under Eye Cream, always check out the ingredient list. To make the right investment. make sure the product contains natural ingredients and has positive reviews from the users. Skeyndor’s premium eye care range are exclusively professionally developed products that aim to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of premature ageing around the eyes. Choose your variant and say hello to gorgeous eyes!

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