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Ampoules & Mask

When it comes to skincare, most people in India still rely on moisturizers to do most of the heavy lifting. In fact, there is a lot of confusion amongst the general masses about the benefits of other lesser-known products. We are talking about beauty products such as Face Masks, Peels, Ampoules, Serums, and more. These products are designed to offer concentrated doses of nourishment to the skin. Without proper knowledge of their importance and how to use them, most people often leave their skin undernourished. This neglect piles up over time and leads to various skincare issues, and even premature aging. Even those that do use Face Masks for skincare often forget to add toners and serums to supplement the moisturizers. This is why we are here to educate you about why you should include these items in your skincare routine. Let’s start with Ampoules.

Ampoules are a lot like serums. They are concentrated doses of specific ingredients that work on various skincare issues. You can think of them as boosters that help your skin get the proper nourishment it needs to thrive. They are even more concentrated than serums, which is why they are often packed in highly specialized glass vials. In fact, the name Ampoule refers to the glass vial itself, rather than the actual formulation present inside. What makes them special is the fact that they are sealed to preserve the liquid inside. At Skeyndor, we have a wide range of both ampoules and serums that handle specific skincare needs. Here is a detailed description of what you can expect from them.

1.Ampoules for Glowing Skin
A natural glow is often the best sign of healthy skin. However, constant exposure to harsh nature can lead to our skin losing that glow and becoming dull. To address this issue, Skeyndor created a Brightening Glow Concentrate under Uniqcure range, which provides a burst of antioxidants to the skin. Infused with stabilized Vitamin-C derivative and other natural ingredients, this ampoule helps your skin glow once again. You can also use our Pure C Concentrate 7.5%. As the name suggests, it contains 7.5% of pure Vitamin C, along with concentrated ascorbic acid and other ingredients. It acts as a shock treatment for your face and helps recover the skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. With regular use, you will definitely notice a visible whitening effect and a healthy glow to your skin.

2.Ampoules for Exfoliating
Another way of getting rid of dull skin is to exfoliate it. It helps remove the dead cell debris from our face and encourages it to recover and renew itself. Skeyndor’s  Renewal Peeling Concentrate does this task quite well, thanks to the combination of three types of acids (AHA, PHA, PCA). Due to its highly concentrated nature, one  can use it just once a week. It was formulated specifically for dull and thick skin, skin with open pores and acne scars. With regular use over few months, one will notice the acne scars lightened and the skin becoming smooth.

3.Ampoules for Dry Skin
Summer heat in India, can damage the dry skin further. People with dry skin need special help to keep it from getting worse. While regular moisturizers work for most people, we recommend Uniqcure –  Intensive Hydrating Concentrate for more problematic cases. It is made with natural moisturizers and special thermal water from Iceland, which help improve the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. With regular use, it will restore the moisture reservoirs of the skin and get the skin back to a healthy state.

4.Ampoules for Acne & Dark Spots
Acne and dark spots are some of the most common issues that plague our skins. People with oily and combination skin are a lot more prone to these issues. If not treated properly, they can leave scars and semi-permanent marks on the face. For people suffering from dark spots, we would recommend Uniqcure – Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate. It uses a combination of  unique ingredients to treat the problem. With regular use, you can not only get rid of dark spots but also get a more even skin tone. It can even reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin, a pigment that causes aging.
If acne is more of a problem for you than dark spots, you should try Uniqcure – Mattifying Pore Refining Concentrate. The focus of this ampoule is to refine the appearance of dilated pores and the regulation of sebum production. This helps even out the skin tone and reduces the oiliness which can result in the appearance of acne. It is recommended for people with oily and combination skin.

5.Ampoules for Sensitive Skin
Sometimes the sensitivity of the skin goes beyond just drying or acne. There are cases where the skin is so sensitive that it tends to be atopic or leading to rosacea condition. People with such skin are more prone to getting allergic reactions and even pus-filled bumps. This can cause a constant state of inflammation which is quite harmful if left untreated. We recommend using Uniqcure – SOS Recovering Concentrate. It contains crucial ingredients such as α-Bisabolol, Vit. E derivative and many more. The combination of these ingredients has a calming effect on the skin and helps reduce hypersensitivity and chronic irritation.

6.Ampoules for Anti-Ageing Effect

Even if we somehow manage to navigate the rest of the hurdles related to skincare, time catches up with all of us. It is common knowledge that with time, our skin loses its vitality and volume. As we age, we begin to see more and more signs of  ageing; in the form of expression lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, and more. This is troubling, for most of the people. This is why a big part of the beauty industry focuses on delivering anti-aging benefits through specialized cosmetic formulations. If you are looking for the same, we recommend starting with Uniqcure – Instant Lifting Concentrate. It is designed to tighten and lift the facial contours, to get rid of loose and flaccid skin. This helps get rid of the permanent tired expression we get with age.

Another big sign of aging is the appearance of expression lines, which get deeper as our skin loses its firmness. For this issue, we have created Uniqcure – Redensifying Filling Concentrate, which provides a 3D skin filling effect. It is created using a special formulation of Proteoglycans, Hydrolysed collagen, Bakuchiol and other ingredients. The result is an ampoule that helps recover facial volume and acts as a powerful cell promoter.

Another major sign of aging is the appearance of wrinkles. To address it, you can use Uniqcure – Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate. Its formula is inspired by corrective aesthetic medicine and is made from unique ingredients like GABA, Botulin-like & Snake venom-like peptides. It helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles and delivers a long-lasting effect on all skin types. While these products certainly can’t stop the tide of time, they will surely help you age with grace and beauty.

7.Ampoules for Long Term Recovery
Skin specialists often recommend a night cream to provide intense nourishment to the skin while it rests. We have created a special ampoule to deliver the same but in a more concentrated dose. We call it Uniqcure 8 H Night Repairing Concentrate, which as the name suggests delivers 8 hours of nourishment. It helps strengthen the Epidermal-Dermal junction and improve the quality of collagen fibers. It also simulates deep detoxification, so skin can get rid of its impurities and repair itself during the night. As a result, one wakes up feeling refreshed and a lot less fatigued.

Face Masks
While most of the ampoules are designed for daily application, face masks can be used for fulfilling weekly needs of your skin. You can combine the usage of face masks with various serums and moisturizers. These formulations work on specific skincare issues and help your skin feel nourished and energized.

1.Face Mask for Glowing Skin
One of the best ways to deliver glowing skin is to simply remove all the damaged and dead skin cells. This is why a good exfoliating product is a must in any skincare routine. We have designed a special face mask to deliver this effect, known as My Mask – Fruit Jam. As the name suggests, the formulation features a unique jam-like texture. This has been done to represent the cocktail of plant extracts present in the formula. Plant extracts that are rich in AHA’, such as blueberries, sugar cane, orange, lemon, maple, strawberry seeds, and more. They help gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, along with delivering an illuminating effect.

2.Face Mask for Dry Skin
Proper hydration is a must for healthy skin as it helps retain the freshness and elasticity of the surface. To help maintain this, we have created My Mask – Fresh Sorbet. As the name suggests, we are keeping up our textural journey with a formulation that feels like a sorbet. It contains various unique ingredients like Osmoregulator moisturizing betaine, Norwegian glacial water, malachite extract, and more. The result is a formula that delivers a deeply moisturizing and re-mineralizing effect to the skin. You can use it once or twice a week to help refresh dry and dehydrated skin.

3.Face Mask for Oily Skin
Oily skin has its own problems, as the excess accumulation of sebum can result in the appearance of acne. The addition of various pollutants only exacerbates the issue. To address this issue, we have created My Mask – Dark Charcoal. It acts as a scrub and purifier and helps remove all types of impurities from the skin. Featuring a clay-like texture with small exfoliating particles, this formula helps detoxify the skin and clear up the pores. It was created using special ingredients like Activated charcoal, Icelandic volcano sand, French thermal water, hamamelis water, and more. Just use it once a week to experience the purifying effect.

4.Face Mask for Sensitive Skin
No skincare line is complete without a solution for sensitive skin, and the same can be said for face masks. Our solution to this issue is our Bi-Zone Soft Mask, which delivers a gentle soothing and re-balancing effect. It is made using carefully selected natural ingredients such as Springwater, Pre-Biotic Oligosaccharides, Pumpkin Extract, and more. The result is a formulation that helps refresh, moisturize and smoothen the skin. It also helps soothe congested skin and reduce redness to even up the skin tone.


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