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Day Cream

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Lift Contour Face & Neck Cream (Normal to Oily Skin)


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Day Cream

Day Cream are the modern solution for modern women. The modern woman today enjoys far more freedom to explore the world than any generation before, and this exploration brings with it a far more hectic schedule that takes us to all types of places in all types of weather conditions. If the stress of this daily travel wasn’t enough in itself, there are also external factors like pollution and exposure to harmful UV rays that compound the damage done to our skin. Over time, this damage can not only degrade the quality of the skin but also lead to additional issues like acne and rashes, as a result of clogged pores and abrasions caused by dust and dirt particulate. These issues are only worsened by the presence of pre-existing factors like the condition of the skin, i.e. if it is dry skin, oily skin, skin with extreme sensitivity, or a combination of all the above.

If the stress of this daily travel wasn’t enough in itself, there are also external factors like pollution and exposure to harmful UV rays that compound the damage done to our skin. Over time, this damage can not only degrade the quality of the skin but also lead to additional issues like acne and rashes, as a result of clogged pores and abrasions caused by dust and dirt particulate. These issues are only worsened by the presence of pre-existing factors like the condition of the skin, i.e. if it is dry skin, oily skin, skin with extreme sensitivity, or a combination of all the above.

If not taken care of regularly, this damage can accumulate over time and lead to early aging symptoms and a host of other problems. In the light of all this, it makes complete sense for every woman to have a protective skincare routine, comprised of some of the best day creams and emulsions available. Something that safeguards her against the aforementioned problems. Sadly, the demanding lives that we lead don’t often give us enough time to properly focus on these aesthetic aspects and give them the due diligence required. The crowded Indian beauty market, which is flooded with so many beauty products, both in shops and online, makes it twice as hard to make the right choices; with the scare of substandard chemicals always looming overhead. In this scenario, there is a dire need for a brand that can cut through the marketing nonsense and provide a safe and affordable solution to women.

We at SKEYNDOR take pride in ourselves, over upholding this ideal of beauty and safety, through our extensive line of cosmetic products made to nurture your skin, as it is marked and changed by the gradual passage of time. Our day cream range is designed to be the first line of defense for your skin, containing various creams, gels, and emulsions needed to keep you feeling fresh, fair, and glowing throughout the day. Each of the products are tailor-made to work on the damage done and also provide a nourishing environment where your skin can properly thrive. To ensure that everyone gets the benefits of our products, we have taken special care to create specific products for specific skin types.

Day Creams for Everyday Use
If you have normal-ish skin and are just looking for something to handle the daily barrage of pollution and sun damage, we would suggest beginning with our Power Oxygen Line. It combines various active agents to provide a protective action against pollution. You can pick between the City Pollution Block Cream for normal to dry skin, or go for the Gel Cream made for combination to oily skin. If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the top 10 polluted cities in the world, which sadly India has no shortage of, then we would recommend supplementing with our Shield Day Cream, which not only fights the worse causes of pollution-related damage (fumes, tobacco, etc.) but also provides an anti-spot effect to level out the skin tone. You even get SPF20 worth of protection just in case you want to hop out in the baking sun.

Day Creams for Fairness & Nourishment
Even if you manage to avoid damage caused by external elements, your skin still needs regular nourishment to maintain a healthy appearance. One of the most basic ways to ensure this is to maintain the hydration levels with the help of our Deep Moisturising Cream that uses different types of sugars to sustain dry sensitive skin that is prone to dehydration. For people with combination and oily skin types, our Rebalancing Gentle Cream helps reinforce the internal reservoirs of water and normalize sensitive areas. The aim is to maintain the ecological balance in the skin and to keep this process as natural as possible, we specially source thermal spring water from Salies-de-Béarn (French Pyrenées), to provide effects that cannot be delivered by traditional chemical-heavy cosmetics.
If you are looking for a skin whitening day cream as well, as would suggest looking at our Power C+ Line that features an Energizing Cream and Emulsion. They are made with a special blend of active ingredients and superfruit extracts from Pomegranate & Acai to help increase collagen production.

Day Creams for Sensitive Oily Skin
It is easy for brands to claim that they have the best day cream for acne-prone skin. But simply suppressing existing acne and spots is not enough to address the main causes of skin impurities that cause acne and blemishes to appear in the first place. To address these issues, Skeyndor has created a special Clear Balance Line that is free from oils and fats. This not only takes away the harmful ingredients that deliver that unwanted greasy feeling but also helps reset the natural tendency of the skin to get oily. Each day cream in this line is designed to work on specific issues related to oily skin. Such as the Pore Normalizing Factor Cream that works on refining the pore appearance, while also curbing the excess production of oil. Or the Pure Defence Gel that removes impurities and increases the skins’ natural resistance against acne.

Day Creams for Extremely Dry Skin
On the opposite end of the spectrum from people with oily skin are people who suffer from dry to very dry skin, which results in a whole host of issues of its own. Whether it is the constant itchiness’ and tightness of the skin or the rough texture filled with cracks and fine lines; severe dryness can lead to flaking and pre-mature aging of your skin, with the constant peeling giving proof of the sad state of your body. If the case is severe enough, it can even lead to redness and bleeding that is problematic to say the least, and requires constant care. Thankfully, we have just the answer to this issue in our Intensive Moisturizing Creams for dry to very dry skins, as well as an Emulsion for normal and combination skin. You get an ultra-moisturizing cream that provides 24 hours’ constant hydration provided by a protective film that coats the skins’ surface. The nourishment provided helps fill up the cracks caused by dehydration and improves the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, this helps your skin glow once again.

Day Creams for Exfoliating
While most day creams are applied in a rush and on the go, certain products are designed for a more indulgent experience. We are of course talking about the exfoliating experience, the much-needed pamper session that helps you tend to the layers of dead cells, pollutants, and other impurities that accumulate on your skin over time. If you have ever ridden a two-wheeler during rush hour traffic in one of India’s metro cities, you know exactly the feeling we are talking about. All the pollutants and impurities stick to your skin, making it itch, burn and make you feel generally uncomfortable even after you wash your face. To remove all these pollutants and impurities, we have created a special line of Exfoliating Creams & Emulsions and glowing day creams, with our signature product being the Resurfacing Peel Cream; featuring natural ingredients that scrub away the impurities and encourage the growth of new skin. Special active ingredients ensure that the new skin that comes after the peel is smoother and more luminous. Just make sure you don’t have sensitive skin that could get affected by the process.

Day Creams for Youthful Skin
Aging is as natural as it is inevitable. Our facial skin is the first part of our body to showcase the changes that happen with time, as well as the damage caused by our environment and habits that accentuate the results. Even though you can’t control the outcome of this process, you can still set the pace of the change to a certain degree through tried and tested cosmetic corrections that can help retain the glow of your skin for as long as possible. For a start, we recommend looking at our Corrective Line that uses fill-in techniques with specific substances to relax the skin. These day creams smoothen out the skin and soften the expression lines that get more defined with age. To do this, our signature Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream helps gradually disappear most marks on your face in a natural manner. Another option is the Lift Contour Face & Neck Cream from our Global Life Line, which features a revolutionary ProGen-in technology combined with alaria seaweed and lupin extracts to provide a firming effect that prevents sagging.

Day Creams with Plant Based Extracts
Technology has advanced quite a lot over time, and the cosmetics industry has been evolving at a similar pace. What used to amount to mixing a few natural ingredients with milk, cream, and powders, has now become a thoroughly scientific process that involves working in sterile labs with the best ingredients that feature the essence of nature. One of the most cutting-edge ways of enhancing the benefits of these ingredients is by using plant-based extracts. That is what we have accomplished with our Eternal Line. The Eternal Cream made from these elements and a host of other ingredients works on compensating for the loss of vital skin support and gives back the volume lost with age. The Timeless Prodigy Cream takes this one step further, by combining the latest cosmetics technologies with 25 pure ingredients to create a special compound that creates a second skin effect over your existing skin surface. This layer provides a barrier against external elements while delivering a rich and silky texture to the skin. This way, you get both short-term protection and long-term nourishment in one go.

Day Creams for Men
The good thing about a properly crafted product is that it works on almost all types of people. This is why we often curate our day cream range as a unisex offering suitable for both men and women. However, there are certain cases where men’s skin requires special handling, which resulted in us creating a few products specifically for men. So, if you have men around you that could potentially benefit from these products, then this is the right place to begin. We would recommend our specially crafted Redness Preventing After Shave Cream as a starting point, as it combines the benefits of a good aftershave with the nourishment of a day cream. Infused with refreshing balsam extracts, thermal water, and Vitamin C; this cream helps reduce the irritation caused by shaving and the redness that occurs as a result of cuts. In addition to calming the skin, it also accelerates the skins’ healing function. For men looking for day creams for oily skin, we would recommend the Shine Control 24H Aqua Emulsion; which combines long-lasting moisturizing agents with active ingredients, to help improve the skins’ hydration. At the same time, it also absorbs any excess oil and normalize combination and oily skin. These products have been toughened up to work in the harsher conditions that men generally deal with.

Even though Skeyndor’s catalog features dozens of other products with equally unique specialties, we think that this is a good starting point for anyone looking to invest in a proper daycare routine to help sustain your skin’s natural beauty and shine. Irrespective of which combination of day creams you use, we suggest that you take time to cultivate this simple routine, which can serve as an affirmation of your commitment to self-care.

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