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Face Serum

Face serum is like the elixir of life for our skin. Our skin is the largest organ we possess. It lives, breathes, and protects our body from all types of external elements over our entire life. Yet when it comes to skin maintenance, most people don’t even bother to do more than bathe regularly. For proper skin care, you need a true face care routine with a whole array of products that work on different skincare aspects. Face serums is one such underrated category. It is an often-overlooked category in the Indian cosmetics market. It nourishes your skin and also provides in-depth hydration.

A Serum is a type of cosmetic that is designed to be lightweight, yet full of concentrated active ingredients. The water-based formula is supposed to penetrate deeper into the skin to provide instant nourishment. People confuse it with a moisturizer or face oil. But it has a completely different purpose and experience. Regular use of skin serums can help brighten the skin, block pollutants, even the skin tone, and detoxify the skin. It even works to firm up and clear the skin, fade acne scars, and much more. Both men and women can use face serums to get these benefits, including some special ones for sensitive skin types.

You can get a lot out of a good face serum. For the best results, apply it after you have cleansed your skin. You can follow that up by applying your regular moisturizers and face creams. Our suggestion would be to go with Skeyndor’s Cleansing Micellar Water. It is full of cleaning agents that gently remove all traces of make-up as well as dead skin from your face. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the surface, we can move on to your choice of serum. Just apply a few drops on your face and rub it in with broad and smooth strokes.

Since most serums are water-based, they absorb quickly and disperse fast. This is why we recommend covering the serum with a good moisturizer or cream to lock in the benefits. The replenishing substances present in the serum helps keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Over time, this hydration compensates for the loss of the skin’s volume. This helps lift and tighten the facial contours to give you a more youthful look. With Skeyndor Serums, you also get additional protection for the skin, which helps the skin glow from within.

While we could recommend a dozen serums to satiate all your needs, what’s more important is to match specific skin serums to specific skin types; such as oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, acne-prone skin, and more. With our unique products supported by European innovation, we can focus on all these issues related to skincare and more. Here is a quick overview of what all these issues are, and how Skeyndor Serums can help you solve them.

Face Serum for Normal Skin / Everyday Use
Not everyone gets blessed with normal skin. Even if you are, your skin still needs upkeep and maintenance. We face a number of pollutants, dirt, and other harmful external elements. A simple no-brainer option against these things would be the City Pollution Barrier-Boosting Serum. It detoxes the face and neck. It provides vital nutrients to the skin while boosting the skin’s barrier against various pollutants. The face serum is great for both oily and/or dry skin. Just make sure you add a nice face cream to go along with it.

Face Serum for Dull Skin
A rough day outdoors can be tuff for anyone, but it is double the trouble for people with dull skin. Layers of dead cells make the skin lose its luster, and feel rough and irritated. For such cases, our Antiox Glowing Serum is the best solution. It features Vitamin C, Pomegranate, and Acai Extracts. This Vitamin-C Serum is part of our Power C+ Line that has been designed to deliver radiant and brighter skin. The addition of superfruit extracts (Pomegranate and Acai) delivers a refreshing effect. This helps aid in the repair of dark spots and acne marks. When combined with our Power C+ Energizing Cream SPF15, it provides an intensive whitening effect on the skin. This double dose of special active ingredients is what makes this one of the best serums for glowing skin.

Face Serum for Sensitive Skin
If dull skin is a headache, sensitive skin can be a total nightmare. People with sensitive skin have to be twice as careful when it comes to shielding themselves from the natural elements. Their sensitive skin can react wildly to harmful elements, with uncomfortable symptoms such as tightness and redness of the skin. Our solution for this is our S.O.S Anti-Redness Serum. It features unique active ingredients and special plant extracts. They help treat the redness and reduce the appearance of acne. It falls under our Aquatherm Line. We have used the spring waters from Salies-de-Béarn (French Pyrenées) to create this special line. This provides a natural base for the serum while avoiding traditional ingredients that can be too harsh on sensitive skin. Use it regularly alongside our Deep Moisturizing Cream FII, to help you strengthen and normalize your sensitive skin over time.

Face Serum for Dry Skin
The problem with dry skin is that you don’t always notice the degradation of your skin quality. Not until the situation becomes too acute, leaving you with layers of flaky and peeling skin. If not taken care of soon enough, this dryness can even lead to premature wrinkles, redness, and bleeding. In situations like this, you need a proper high-performance moisturizer designed to restore the internal reservoirs of the skin. We recommend the Moisturising Booster Serum. This serum delivers an optimum degree of hydration to your skin continuously for 24 hours. When used alongside our Intensive Moisturising Cream, it can lead to improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.

Face Serum for Acne-Prone Skin
Acne has been the enemy of youthful and fair skin for generations now. People over the world have tried a variety of cosmetic and homemade remedies to take care of this issue. However, most solutions only focus on taking care of acne after it has appeared on your face. Instead, they should be working on the root issue that causes them to appear in the first place. This is where Skeyndor differs, as we have crafted a special Clear Balance Line that has been designed to normalize the main causes of skin impurities.

We would suggest going for our Pore Refining Repair Serum. It helps normalize the skin surface and reduce the appearance of large, open pores that lead to acne. You can combine it with our Pure Defence Gel Cream, which removes excess oil from the skin. It also increases the skin’s natural resistance to developing blemishes. You even get SPF15 worth of sun protection along with everything else. We would recommend this pairing to anyone looking to take control of their face care regimen.

Face Serum for Exfoliating
Between all the running around we do daily, dead skin and pollutants can easily build up on our skin. Not only does that expose you to harmful external elements, but also leaves you feeling gross and grimy. To get back that feeling of freshness, we recommend a thorough cleansing session using a proper exfoliant. However, now everyone has the luxury to get a proper treatment at your favorite salon every weekend. For them, we recommend trying our Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15% that is part of our Derma Peel Pro Line.

It is designed to provide an intensive exfoliating experience with the help of various active ingredients. Apply a small amount of product on your face and witness the gradual but inevitable change. It triggers the growth of a new skin layer that is both smoother and brighter. Just make sure you don’t use it on sensitive skin, as it can be quite strong. We recommend combining it with our Shield Day Cream, as it will give you a much-needed layer of sun protection.

Face Serum with Skin Smoothening Effects
With all the damage our skin takes regularly, it’s no wonder we develop wrinkles, acne marks, dark spots, and more. If not taken care of promptly, this damage and decay can accumulate over time and result in permanent facial disfigurement. To take care of these problems, you need to move beyond using just moisturizers and lotions available off the counter. Instead, start investing in proper solutions designed for returning the skin to its original glory. Our such solution is our special Expression Lines Serum. It is a fast-acting serum that smoothens the deep wrinkles and expression lines on the face.

If your focus is on the contour of your face instead of the expressions, we recommend our Global Lift Line. It features the Lift Contour Elixir Face & Neck Serum, a special product created with Skeyndor’s unique ProGEN-in technology. It delivers a global lifting effect and brings back the facial volume. You can also alternate between the two and get the benefit of both. Just make sure you don’t use them both on the same day, as they can be quite strong.

Face Serums for Youthful Skin
Aging is inevitable. With time, our skin loses the balance between replenishment and decay, which causes the gradual decline of our youthful beauty. Even though we can’t halt this process, we can still slow it down by providing our skin with enough nutrition. Skeyndor can help you with this goal, through our special range of serums. They have been created with herbal extracts and various active ingredients to deliver the desired effect. We would recommend going with our Intensive Repairing Serum-in-Cream. It combines the fast-acting nature of serums with the long-lasting hold of a cream. It comes with a high concentration of natural extracts and special active ingredients, which reduce inflammation and refresh the skin. Since it has a built-in cream base, you don’t even need to supplement it with anything to get the results.

Face Serums with Plant-Based Extracts
All cosmetics brands look towards pushing the envelope when it comes to technology and innovation. Our biggest advantages are only as advanced as our latest breakthroughs. While other companies play catch-up, it’s on us to ensure that our products remain the best option available. One way Skeyndor ensures this is by experimenting within the cutting-edge world of plant-based extracts.

At Skeyndor, we use plant-based extracts to create highly advanced creams and serums designed to improve the speed at which the skin refreshes itself. They help bring back the skin volume lost to time. One option for this is our Eternal Intensive Serum, which combines a variety of plant extracts; such as Sea Fennel, Lupin Seeds, Acmella Flower, Lavender, Camellia Leaf, and much more. You can combine it with our Eternal Cream for a truly intensive experience.

For people looking for a more advanced solution, we also have our Timeless Prodigy Line. It features The Timeless Prodigy Serum and Luxury Elixir. The Serum kicks it off with a highly saturated formula that contains over 50 million natural extracts. High quality ingredients and Skeyndor’s unique formula make the serum one of the best choices for all types of skin. Use it regularly to deliver long-lasting lightness, softness, and nourishment to the skin.

The Luxury Elixir takes this a few steps further. To utilize these ingredients to the fullest, the Elixir uses 3 Aesthetic Strategies, delivered in a phased manner. The combination of these phases delivers an exceptional effect on skin quality, as well as its youthful appearance.

Face Serum for Men
With all the advances that we have delivered to the beauty community, it would be irresponsible if we left the men with nothing at all. This is why we have created a special line of products just for men. One of the products is our Energizing Anti-Age Serum, which delivers an invigorating dose of energy to the skin. Created with Siberian Ginseng and other ingredients, this serum protects the skin against external impurities. It also contains extracts that prevent the signs of skin fatigue on a man’s face. You even get SPF10 worth of sun protection to help you avoid the damage caused by direct exposure. We would certainly recommend that you try this alongside our Shine Control 24H Aqua Emulsion for the best results.


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