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Night Cream

Night Cream : Beauty Sleep for Sleeping Beauty
Kickstart your skin’s recovery with Skeyndor’s advanced range of Night Creams
Nature created Day & Night. The day to go all out in achieving our goals and the night for resting. It is an undeniable fact that our bodies need this time to rest, replenish and recover. This is as true for the skin as much as it is true for the body; which is why we have decided to focus on the much-ignored segment of night cream.

A night cream helps provide our skin with all the ingredients it requires to repair and recover while you sleep. After all, it is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Thankfully, Skeyndor has its very own night cream range for both men and women. They have been designed to deliver a heavy load of nutrients to the skin in a sustained manner, overnight. This calls for a special formulation since they serve a very specific purpose.

To address this issue, we have kept the list highly curated. All the creams mentioned here have been designed for night use only. Since they are generally heavier and more densely packed with natural ingredients and moisturizing elements.

Night times are considered better for repair and restoration, as during the day, our skin is mostly concerned with protecting itself against external elements. Therefore, we design the day creams and serums with the primary objective of providing a high level of protection to the skin. However, at night the skin doesn’t need that high level of protection. So, all the ingredients can focus solely on encouraging repair and improving the quality of the skin.

As a result, most night creams barely offer any level of protection against outdoor problems. Instead, they focus on maintaining the hydration levels of the skin as your body repairs itself for the next day. This isn’t as much of a hindrance as it is a boon, since we can take all the unnecessary ingredients out of the equation and let the important active ingredients do their work.

1.Rich Nutriv Cream
As the name suggests, this night cream has been designed to provide nutrition to the skin. It is made with a synergistic combination of various active ingredients and vitamins. The cream makes the skin firmer and brighter, while also reversing the effects left by the passage of time. People can use it irrespective of their skin types. It is the perfect pick for everyday use.

2.Ultra-Moisturizing Cream 24H
This cream provides long-lasting hydration to the skin while you sleep. It’s enriched with various moisturizing elements, as well as Vitamin A, E, and much more. These ingredients work together to maintain the natural moisture levels of the skin and remove dryness. Combine it with a good serum to get back the natural glow and vitality of the skin in no time. It is one of the best night creams for dry skin. For both men and women.

3.Finish Rides Cream
This cream provides multiple action support to the skin. Not only is it a good moisturizer, but also helps build up the body’s natural defenses against future sun exposure. It contains special active ingredients that work together to increase the available energy to the skin. They also activate cellular breathing, which in turn improves the skin’s tissue renewal. Over time, these effects combine to restore the skin, while also filling up the wrinkles. This night cream works wonders for people showing signs of mature skin.

4.Spot Eraser Cream
India is a sub-tropical country, which is a fancy way of saying we get a lot of sun. Sun exposure brings with it a lot of issues in the form of skin spots and darkening of the skin. This is why we have created a special Spot Eraser Cream, which reduces the signs of sun exposure while also lightening the skin tone. We have designed it specifically to work on the unique skin types found in India.

While the effects may seem desirable, we must not consider it as a traditional skin whitening night cream, as it contains heavy-duty active ingredients. Therefore, we recommend that you only apply it to the affected areas and leave the rest of the skin area for other products.

5.Intensive Repairing Cream (Normal to Dry Skin)
Aging is a process that we look forward to, but only until a certain age. After that, all it is a reminder of our mortality and how our bodies are failing us. Some are graceful in accepting whatever life gives them, while others do their best to delay the effects of time. If you fall under the second category, you can try this heavy-duty anti-aging cream.

Our night cream works on reversing the effects of time. It does so by filling all types of wrinkles, blemishes, and acne scars present on your face. This gives your face the much-coveted clear skin looks that glow from within. Just make sure you are careful. Don’t apply it anywhere near your eyes or other sensitive areas.

6.Intensive Repairing Cream & Emulsion (Combination to Oily Skin)
This night cream is similar to the one above, in both name and design. However, what makes it different is the fact that it works for people with combination and oily skin. People with these specific skin types have always had issues with getting products that focus on their unique needs. As a result, they are often willing to pay any price for products that can truly deliver what they promise.

This Emulsion has another role. It helps regulate the oil production of the skin. This prevents your face from getting oily and helps clear up the skin’s texture. Add in the general moisturizing abilities of our night creams with this special focus on making skin oil-free, and people with combination and oily skin finally have a solution that gives them the best of both worlds.

7.Eternal Sleeping Oil
Face Oils generally get a category of their own. But since this is a stand-alone product, we have relegated it to the night cream category for men and women. This night restoration oil features a unique combination of natural oils, essences, and plant extracts, such as Crambe Martima and Indian Chiretta. It is a nutritional elixir that makes the skin smooth and soft while you sleep.

In addition to the natural ingredients, this oil also contains unique plant based extracts that deliver an anti-aging effect. The effects are punctuated by a heavenly satin finish that is non-greasy and smells like jasmine. The idea is to restore under-nourished skins to their ideal state while promoting a feeling of well-being as you rest.


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