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Brightening Glow Concentrate

5 Reviews


Concentrate with immediate brightening effect on skin. High Concentration of Vit C and antioxidants, amplifies the radiance in the skin.

7 amp. x 2 ml
Sku: 2045 1493

If your skin is dull or stressed, or you can spot small dark spots and signs of ageing, Brightening Glow Concentrate is the ampoule Skeyndor has created for you. It is an antioxidant concentrate with Vitamin C derivatives and the combination of three powerful antioxidants which brighten and unify your skin tone, providing an internal flash of light and amplifying the natural splendour of your skin. Ready to shine with your own light!

Brightens and illuminates the skin

  • Stabilized derivatives of, Ascorbic
  • Ferulic acids
  • Amino ethyl phosphonic acid (ALA-P)

Open the ampoule, put the applicator in position and then apply the product to your hands and spread over face and neck with smoothing manoeuvres. Carry out an energising massage. Set the product with the palms of your hands and apply your usual or recommended cream.

5 reviews for Brightening Glow Concentrate

  1. Neha Agrawal

    Skin friendly & amazing products I totally love to use it… And thank you for make my journey purely glowing.

  2. Sonam ongmu Bhutia

    Thankyou Skeyndor team for such a wonderful products got results in just 10 days

  3. manmani9204

    Superb Ampoules

  4. 9971635361 (verified owner)

    Placed my order waiting for delivery

  5. kena ben Vasava

    Superb results.

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