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Mattifying Pore Refining Concentrate

5 Reviews


Concentrate for skin with open pores and unsightly shine. Contains witch hazel extract, to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. Supports and rebalances flora which is beneficial for skin.

7 amp. x 2 ml


Sku: 2052 1493

Mattifying Pore Refiner Concentrate, the new mattifying and pore refining concentrate by Skeyndor. This new concentrate closes and refines dilated pore appearance, unifying skin texture. It regulates over-production of sebum, for mattified skin without greasy shine. Promotes and rebalances the beneficial skin flora. Ideal for skin with open pores and unsightly shine. Don’t think twice, prepare and care for your skin with UNIQCURE!

  • Refines skin pores
  • Controls excess sebum
  • Lentil and Pink Myrtle extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Witch-hazel water
  • Microbiota regulating agent
  • Open the ampoule  put the applicator in place and then apply the product to your hands straight away and spread over face and neck with smoothing motions.
  • Carry out an energising massage.
  • Fix the product with the palms of your hands and apply the usual or recommended cream.

5 reviews for Mattifying Pore Refining Concentrate

  1. Rashmi Dewani

    Very satisfied with it

  2. Arunima Roy

    Very good ampules , really tamed my oily skin.

  3. Raj Koti

    I could see positive difference within a week.

  4. Nikita Bhuwania

    Great product.

  5. Raj

    Just waiting to receive

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