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Eternal Cream

8 Reviews


Daily cream enriched with stem cells to fight early signs of ageing. Restores skin volume and face becomes fuller.

Sku: 4130 1108

Cream containing plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes. Formulated to compensate the loss of the vital substrate and restore the skin’s volume lost with age at the deepest levels. The skin becomes fuller, more even and clearly defined.

  • Nourishes skin
  • Compensates the loss of skin's volume
  • Fights early signs of ageing
  • Apple phytosterols
  • Oil soluble lavender extract
  • Nikko VCIP Vitamin C
  • Oil soluble marine fennel extract.
  • After the usual cleansing routine
  • Apply the cream with a gentle massage.

8 reviews for Eternal Cream

  1. Jyotsna Sinha

    Marvelous skin care products

  2. sawhneyguneet90

    I am so happy to use this product, it helped me to tame my fine lines and wrinkles. GREAT Product.

  3. pallaviraman960

    The products really work well on the skin. My skin feels very healthy, nourished and moisturized. I highly recommend to go for Skeyndor products to everyone 👍🏻

  4. Laxmi Tamang

    I’m using this since few month and noticing visible changes on my skin looks healthy and glowing. I’m so happy with the products. Thank you so much Skeyndor😌❤

  5. Muskan Verma

    Awesome product

  6. Shilpi Singh (verified owner)

    I have been using this product quite a while N just love it

  7. Guneet Kaur

    Really great products!! worked superb on my skin.. I am just in love with Skeyndor products

  8. Asutosh Nath (verified owner)

    A great and rich nourishing cream as per my mom as she is using it.

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