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Deep Lines Filler Cream

34 Reviews


Anti-Ageing Cream, Combines two filling techniques for fuller and plumper looking skin. For Dry Skin


Sku: 5240 1108

Correcting cream for deep wrinkles and expression lines that fills and contracts, thanks to the combination of two filling techniques, favors a fuller and more plump appearance of the face. With a richer and more nutritious texture.

  • Fills fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Makes the skin look fuller and plumper.
  • Pre-synaptic dermoliftant peptides with COSMETIC DRONE technology,
  • Neuro-inhibitory agents

After regular cleansing, spread a thin layer of product on face and neck and gently penetrate. Performing your application ritual.

34 reviews for Deep Lines Filler Cream

  1. Sunanda Sarkar Das

    My mother have been using this cream almost 3 years still continue

  2. Bharti Behera (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this cream from long time, it made my skin youthful. Thank you skeyndor.

  3. Sonam ongmu Bhutia

    My mother love Skeyndor… After using it she found major changes on her skin… Now her skin become more firm wrinkle reduce beautiful skin she have now

  4. Biswajit Mandal

    Results are very good

  5. Laxmi Tamang

    A visible difference can be recognized now. After using this cream my skin is Looks quite improved I will definitely continue using this only. Thanks and regards.

  6. Sajid Khan

    Amazing product

  7. merelyn

    It reduced and fill my fine lines and wrinkles.

  8. Shweta Taneja (verified owner)

    I have been a regular user of Skeyndor product very satisfied with all the product as I get amazing result in all
    Kuddos to Skeyndor team

  9. Mohamad Gouse Mohidden

    Superb product

  10. neetu.ng32

    I can’t thank skeyndor enough for making this amazing cream, it worked on my wrinkles magically.

  11. Renu Bhat

    Really helped me to reduce my wrinkles and hydrated my skin well.

  12. Renu Bhat

    Superb product, it worked magically on my wrinkles, I could see the difference in just two weeks.

  13. REYAZ Ahmad

    It does the job very well by giving great results. Unique packaging

  14. Divya Sahai

    I am a regular user of Skeyndor product and so much satisfied with all product.
    Highly recommended brand.

  15. 9971635361 (verified owner)

    As per suggested by skin expert I am ordering this product waiting for delivery

  16. poonamkaur8051 (verified owner)

    My Mom have been using this cream and quite satisfied with it so I am ordering for her again thank you

  17. Mohamed Athar

    Effective cream, worth to invest.

  18. amrita.banerjee1982 (verified owner)

    My lines and wrinkles have been visibly reduced, this is my 4rth purchase.

  19. Hina

    10 Star kudos to this cream

  20. Purnima

    Very much worth to invest

  21. Rekha Sugla

    wonderful product, does it as it says, so happy with it.

  22. Radhika

    My skin feel more radiant n plump after using this cream

  23. Hritika

    Such a marvelous cream

  24. Ashima

    Placed order for my mom

  25. N.Manuel (verified owner)

    Order for my mom as I heard a lot about skeyndor

  26. Vaz

    Quite effective

  27. Pummy Sahni (verified owner)

    I have been using it for years wonderful cream.

  28. Vasu

    One of my favorite cream of Skeyndor

  29. Drasthi

    Great and marvelous cream

  30. Jas Ranger

    It delicately renew my skin with the magical touch of their wings.” Awesome cream

  31. Sajid Khan

    work in tandem to help increase hydration, soften wrinkles and firm up skin amazing cream

  32. Pallavi

    It decreased the appearance of my wrinkles and made my skin brighter and more radiant

  33. Umesh Muthinty

    It decreased the appearance of my wrinkles and made my skin brighter and more radiant

  34. Nilesh K

    Exellent cream my skin feels more smooth and firmer along with a good nourishment n hydration

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