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Pore Normalising Factor

17 Reviews


Home treatment gel to reduce open pores, control the activity of sebaceous glands.


Sku: 2203 1209

A formula created to refine the pore appearance and normalise the sebaceous nature and shiny tendency of oily skin that is prone to acne. Encapsulated in liposomes to target its sebo-regulating effect at the sebaceous glands. Oil free.

  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Balances the skin

Witch-hazel and Astragalus encapsulated in liposomes.

After usual cleansing, spread a few drops of the product all over the face. Then apply the usual treatment product.

17 reviews for Pore Normalising Factor

  1. Sunil Kumar

    Great product for oily acne prone skin

  2. mishima.gupta0101

    In love with this product, it works magically on my acne.

  3. Shinchani Chakraborty

    It helped me to reduce the appearance of my large pores. and reduced inflammation of acne.

  4. manish_mundhra

    Help me get rid of my oily skin and pore

  5. shobha shetty

    Lovely serum, soothes and calmed my skin.

  6. Nazneen Khan

    Oily open pore concern go for it

  7. Raj

    Really effective on my open pore n control the excessive oil

  8. Divya

    Highly recommended for control excessive oil with open pore

  9. Upasana

    Works well on my acne prone skin

  10. Rajak Kapil

    Highly recommend for oily open pore concern

  11. Papiya

    It help control my oily skin n pore

  12. Nisha


  13. Sudipta

    Not just a toner really take care of my oily skin as well

  14. Md. Tahir

    Works like a serum quite effective I’m happy I got this

  15. Priyanka Jain (verified owner)

    Use it for a while now thanks to skin expert for guiding me so well

  16. P.Muthu

    I really like this as my pores n oily skin is in control

  17. SK SANWAR ALI Punjabi centre

    Truly bacteria free and anti inflammatory toner Quite satisfied

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