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Pure Defence Gel

17 Reviews


Treatment gel for treating and preventing the proliferation of the impurities affecting the appearance of oily, Acne prone skin


Sku: 2205 1208

Moisturising cream containing dermo-saccharides and moisturising agents for the corneal layer, which are resistant to cleansing. The other ingredients promote the recovery of the corneal layer’s protective function and increase the levels of tolerance against external aggressions. Intensive, long lasting moisturising for all environments.

Intensely moisturising cream, that calms the sensitive skin

  • Thermal water
  • Pre-biotic oligosaccharides
  • Ceramides
  • Pumpkin extract
  • Dermo-saccharides.
  • Apply intense moisturising cream to cleansed skin, and spread until it is completely absorbed.
  • Then apply makeup, if desired. This cream can be applied both during the day and at night.

17 reviews for Pure Defence Gel

  1. Sonam ongmu Bhutia

    I just love the products and very helpful in making my skin so wonderful acne get subside

  2. Sajid Khan

    This product really help me get rid of my pimple now i’m able to skip to another product .
    Thank you Skeyndor

  3. kaurkulwindeer13456

    My acne started fading.. thanks for a wonderful experience..

  4. Maya

    Highly recommended for acne prone skin

  5. mishima.gupta0101

    I love the whole Clear Balance range and especially this one, my acne marks started fading out.

  6. bela.thappa27 (verified owner)

    This product help me to relief so much with my long time concern of Acne wow Skeyndor best skin care brand

  7. Shinchani Chakraborty

    When nothing worked on my acne, this gel came to my rescue. It did not dry out my skin at all as other products did on me. In love with this one.

  8. poonamkaur8051 (verified owner)

    I already order this product about to use it hope for good result

  9. divakshij (verified owner)

    Just started using this gel and I love it. Really effective.

  10. Nikita Bhuwania (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase, very nice gel.

  11. Shuchi

    A good n effective gel cream take care of my acne

  12. Sudipta (verified owner)

    Thank you skeyndor for this wonderful gel my acne get subside

  13. Vaani

    Thank you for helping me out to treat my acne

  14. Shatabdi

    I want to get facials done then will give feedback

  15. Swarnali

    Thanks for this gel which really help me to get rid of my acne

  16. Laxmi Tamang (verified owner)

    I am so happy for this gel as I got much better clear skin

  17. SK SANWAR ALI Punjabi centre (verified owner)

    It helps in drying out the existing acne and prevent the occurrence of future acne issue very satisfied with it

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