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Deep Lines Filler Emulsion

9 Reviews


Anti-Ageig Emulsion, Combines two filling techniques for fuller and plumper looking skin. For normal to combination skin.


Sku: 5241 1308

Correcting emulsion for deep wrinkles formulated to smooth expression lines on the face. It combines skin filling substances with decontracting actives to provide a fuller and plump skin appearance. Its texture is lighter, ideal for combination skin.

  • Fills fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Makes skin look fuller and plumper.

Pre-synaptic dermoliftant peptides with COSMETIC DRONE technology, neuro-inhibitory agents

  • After regular cleansing, spread a thin layer of product on face and neck and gently penetrate.
  • Performing your application ritual.

9 reviews for Deep Lines Filler Emulsion

  1. Arunima Roy

    It is such a good product, I could visibly see the difference in reduction of my fine lines and wrinkles.

  2. Kavita Reddy

    Already using from two weeks, I could really see the good results.

  3. jainsarika46

    Very effective emulsion, I’ve been using it from a month and I am in love with this.

  4. Anantbir Singh

    Lovely emulsion, so suitable for my skin.

  5. chanduplus

    Just placed my order hope for best result

  6. Anita

    On the way waiting for delivery expecting great result as skeyndor always have effective products.

  7. Honey

    Comfortable to use even in day time.

  8. Himaja

    I already use the cream now due to summer I start using it my skin looks more firm and better

  9. Abhinav

    Skeyndor always got a marvelous products

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