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Expression Lines Filler Eye Contour

3 Reviews


Eye Care product that relaxes the appearance of expression lines.


Sku: 5243 1301

The cream to correct expression lines and deep wrinkles around the eye that, thanks to its combination of peptides and active ingredients, relaxes the appearance of fine lines. Thus, dark circles and bags are filled, while showing a more relaxed and decongested appearance.

Fills, decongests eye bags and dark circles.

Pre synaptic dermoliftant peptides with cosmetic drone technology and Neuro inhibitory agents

  • After regular cleaning, apply a light layer of product
  • Massaging gently from the inside out
  • Insisting on the wrinkles.

3 reviews for Expression Lines Filler Eye Contour

  1. Rekha Sugla (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase, such a great eye cream, filled expression lines around my eyes, while giving relaxation to my tired eyes. In love with this one.

  2. poonamkaur8051

    Effective and good eyecare as per my Mom

  3. Durgesh Banger

    Astounding Eye cream, reduced fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area. I could see difference within a week.

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