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Pore Refining Repair Serum

13 Reviews


Serum for oily, acne prone skin. Reduces open pores, acne marks and scars.


Sku: 2204 1208

A serum formulated to attenuate the development of marks and micro scars associated with oily skin which is prone to acne. Has a retinol-like effect and normalises the skin repair processes, reducing the characteristic appearance of large, open pores. Oil free.

  • Reduces acne marks and scars
  • Reduces the appearance of open pores.
  • Backuchiol
  • Liposome-encapsulated
  • Ursolic Acid

After usual cleansing, spread a few drops of the product over the face with gentle, circular movements, paying particular attention to skin blemishes.

13 reviews for Pore Refining Repair Serum

  1. Neha Agrawal

    I can c changes in my face as my acne marks started fading.. thanks for a wonderful experience..

  2. Sonam ongmu Bhutia

    My brother have been using this serum for more than a 10 days and he can see a positive difference in his skin kuddos

  3. kaurkulwindeer13456

    Really a great product. Start giving relief from my acne scars from the very next day of use ..

  4. Devita Laimayum

    Truly worth to invest

  5. Rashmi Dewani (verified owner)

    Great product

  6. Rashmi Dewani (verified owner)

    Works wonder on my post acne marks Kuddos

  7. mummumdas14

    Thank you for making my skin get free from marks

  8. Ramesh

    Quite effective serum

  9. Papiya

    I dont have the issue in my post acne marks now good serum

  10. Anita

    Thanks for recommending this serum works well on my skin

  11. Reena

    Thanks for taking care of my marks and pores

  12. NikitaB

    Very effective and light serum

  13. Rishabh Agarwal

    Im so glad I got this serum

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