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Eternal Intensive Serum

12 Reviews


Serum enriched with stem cells to revitalize, renew and nourish the skin. Makes the skin more yothful, radiant and firm


Sku: 4131 1304

A concentrated serum containing plant origin stem cell liposomes. A powerful elixir for revitalizing, renewing and nourishing the stem cells in the epidermis. It improves the speed at which cells are renewed and therefore increases the vital skin component substance. As a result the skin recovers its lost volume and is more youthful, radiant and firmer.

  • Revitalizes and nourishes the skin
  • Compensates the loss of skin's volume
  • Fights signs of pre mature ageing.
  • Oil soluble lupin extract
  • Oil soluble lavender extract
  • Nikko VCIP Vitamin C
  • Oil soluble marine fennel extract
  • AHA Complex
  • Retinol microspheres.

Spread a few drops of the serum onto thoroughly cleansed skin, until it is completely absorbed. If applied before the ETERNAL CREAM, it enhances the results of the cream.

12 reviews for Eternal Intensive Serum

  1. Sonam ongmu Bhutia

    Skeyndor is like a life saver for me it works like magic guys. Pls go for it without any doubt it’s more than worth buying pls pls go for it. If u want perfectly perfect skin my rating are 10/100 will continue it forever..

    Love u ❀😘 SkeyndorπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  2. Divya Sahai (verified owner)

    So effective and light serum no regret in investing

  3. Pawan

    Just start using it

  4. chanduplus (verified owner)

    I placed my order waiting for this serum

  5. Rishabh Agarwal

    Great product

  6. Lakshmi C

    I always love skeyndor product

  7. Paripoorna

    Light and effective serum

  8. Aakriti

    Great one to help taking care of my ageing

  9. DeeguM

    Just started using it for a while

  10. Meera

    My skin feel so soft n smooth thank you for this lovely serum

  11. rashmiwaves0

    I like all skeyndor product

  12. Simran

    Skeyndor always provide amazing n effective products

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