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Blue Light Technology SPF50+ OCEAN RESPECT Protective Cream


Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF 50


Invisible Protective Sun Spray SPF 50


Pure Defence Gel


Resurfacing Peel Cream


Resurfacing Peel Emulsion


Skeyndor Energizing Cream SPF 15


Skeyndor Protective Sun Emulsion SPF 30


Skeyndor Shield Day Cream


Skeyndor Tinted Protective Cream SPF 50


SOS Sun Repair Booster



The sun has always had a contentious relationship with humanity. On one hand, it gives us our daily dose of Vitamin D. On the other hand, prolonged sun exposure can cause a number of issues. Such as premature aging, pigmentation, dullness, and even skin cancer. This is why dermatologists recommend that both men and women use the best sunscreen lotions available, whenever they go out. This means using sunscreen with a proper SPF factor. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a basic measure of protection that a sunscreen lotion offers from UVA & UVB rays.

Yet, Indian people are often reluctant when it comes to applying sunscreen lotions. Even though we live in a sub-tropical location where the chances of getting sun damage are more than most. Still, sunscreen use in India is seen as more of a rich person’s indulgence, rather than a common man’s necessity. One of the myths perpetuating this issue is that people with darker skin don’t get sun damage. This is a fallacy. Even though we may not show the damage as readily, doesn’t mean that dark skin doesn’t get damaged. This is why, even if you don’t invest in a lot of skincare products, you should definitely invest in the best sunscreen lotion that you can find. Thankfully though, the presence of online markets has made it a lot easier to do this than one would imagine.
We at Skeyndor have our own line of sun protection solutions that offer proper SPF protection to both men and women. Depending on your requirements and skin type, you can choose between one of our scientifically formulated sunscreens. No matter what you pick, it is important that you have at least something standing between you and sun damage.1.Sunscreen Lotions for Normal Skin Types
Regular people don’t really notice sun damage until it’s already piled up. But what’s the point in waiting until your skin has become dry and irritated to do something about it? Instead, you should be using sunscreen lotion on a daily basis. You can start with our Energizing Cream. It is good for both normal and somewhat dry skin. You get a great anti-oxidizing effect, along with a healthy SPF15 worth of protection. It also inhibits the effect of melanogenesis and increases collagen production.
If you need something more substantial yet lighter, you can instead go for our Protective Sun Emulsion SPF 30. As the name suggests, it offers double the sun protection. But what truly makes it better is the fact that it comes in the form of an emulsion spray that is also water-resistant. This way, you can reapply it quite easily, whenever or wherever you want. Just don’t spray it anywhere near your eyes.

2.Sunscreen Lotions for Complete Sun Protection
Most people would argue that SPF30 is enough sun protection for regular people, it doesn’t mean you can’t get more. There a whole sub-segment of sunscreen lotions that offers SPF50+ protection for people who don’t think SPF30 is enough. Or who suffer from highly sensitive skin and can’t tolerate even the slightest exposure to the sun. For these people, Skeyndor has created a special Sun Expertise Blue Light Technology – Protective Cream SPF 50+. As the name suggests, this sunscreen lotion utilizes our exclusive BLUE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY. This technology protects the skin by blocking HEVis light rays, also known as blue light. Most people know the damage that blue light causes to eyesight and mental health. But what they don’t know is that blue light can also cause an increased chance of getting skin cancer.
This is why it is important to invest in products that go beyond superficial sun protection and offer true safety. From not just blue light and regular UVB rays, but also UVA and IR rays that can be equally damaging. Thankfully, despite all these levels of protection, the formulation still works as a regular cosmetic. You can apply it to your face and neck in simply broad strokes. You won’t feel any sticky residue, thanks to its non-oily touch. Since it is water-resistant as well, you don’t even need to worry about rubbing it off just by sweating. It is truly one of the best solutions against sun damage.

3.Sunscreen Lotions for Sensitive Skin Types
Skin sensitivity can be of different types. Depending on your condition, you may need special types of sunscreen lotions and related skin care products. Thankfully, Skeyndor carries a variety of such products for different use cases. For people with oily skin and a need for complete  sun protection, we recommend the Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF 50. This SPF50 sunscreen has been designed to be both oil-free and water-resistant. You can apply it to sensitive skin and enjoy a pleasant sensory experience. Just make sure you reapply it frequently if you’re going to be active and sweating.
Another option is the Tinted Protective Cream SPF 50. In addition to the SPF50+ sun protection, it also delivers a touch of color to the skin. This helps make your skin look more even and provides constant protection. Since it is a tinted product, you can easily tell when it has rubbed off and you need to reapply. Just like others in the category, we have made sure that this sunscreen is water-resistant as well, for longer periods of protection.

4.Sunscreen for On-The-Go Protection
A lot of people today lead hectic lives. These lives bring them in regular contact with various types of pollutants. These pollutants darken the skin, deteriorate the skin quality and lead to various other issues. You need a good  sunscreen lotion to sustain your skin’s health in these conditions. We recommend our Shield Day Cream. It not only gives SPF20 worth of sun protection, but also acts as a de-pigmentation cream. You get the special benefits of urban pollution protectors.
If you need a stronger effect, go for our Invisible Protective Sun Spray. It is a unique aerosol sunscreen that provides SPF50+ worth of sun protection. With its clear spray design, you can apply it directly to dry or wet skin without leaving any residue. Thanks to its easy to apply style, you can reapply it whenever you feel like it without having to worry about rubbing it in.

5.Sunscreen for Skin Repair
It is natural to look for skin repair creams only after you have already gotten sunburnt. However, one should not go for regular sunscreen lotions to deal with these problems. Instead, try our SOS Sun Repair Booster, a special booster formula designed to enhance the skin’s self-repair mechanisms. It delivers a soothing balm to photosensitive areas and helps prevent the negative effects of sun exposure.
If you want to go one step further in your skin repair journey, try our Pure Defence Gel. It is a special gel formulation that prevents the proliferation of impurities on the skin. This is especially effective on people with oily skins that have a tendency to spurt acne. By increasing the skin’s anti-microbial peptide levels, the cream also improves its natural resistance to blemishes. All of this combined with a special anti-shine formula that also offers SPF15 worth of sun protection.

6.Sunscreen for Exfoliating
It may seem weird to talk about exfoliating and sun protection in the same line. But it is important to have a proper exfoliating cream or emulsion to help you deal with dead skin debris. We offer both Dermapeel – Resurfacing Peel Emulsion, as well as an Dermapeel – Resurfacing Peel Cream towards this goal. Both these formulations combine an exfoliating cream with alpha-hydroxy acids and biological peptides. This combination stimulates the generation of new skin that is smoother and more luminous. They also offer SPF20 worth of sun protection. Although we would recommend staying away from them if you have extra sensitive skin.


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