10 Reasons to love Skeyndor

Skeyndor is a Spanish legacy brand who’s origin dates back to 1966 and since then it is continuously innovating and setting trends in the global cosmetics industry. Here are 10 reasons to love Skeyndor and try the products and treatments we have to offer immediately, if you haven't already!

  1. At Skeyndor, hundreds of thousands of hours were dedicated to research, thousands of thoughts centred on the skin, hundreds of challenges, achievements and success stories and all these experiences and expertise make us the most reliable brand to trust for your skin’s wellbeing.
  2. Skeyndor is ranked the number one brand in Spain and is loved by professionals and customers alike in over 55 countries across the globe.
  3.  As a luxury skincare brand Skeyndor has contributed to the evolution of ‘Non Invasive Dermo Cosmetic Solutions’ which has essentially changed the way beauty was perceived in India
  4. Customers have also shared that they have experienced visible changes in their skin condition  as claimed by Skeyndor in the clinical reports which they did not experience ever before.
  5. We are at the forefront of advanced and next-generation formulations, offering the latest in award-winning delivery systems, cutting-edge ingredients and groundbreaking technological innovations which were never available to the Indian aesthetic industry before.
  6. As the leaders and pioneers in results-driven, cosmeceutical skincare formulations, Skeyndor cooperates with skin aestheticians across the globe to deliver result-focused cosmeceuticals for the treatment room and your beauty cabinet.
  7. With an integral range of over 200 products, Skeyndor is more than just skincare; it is a comprehensive solution for skin health and wellness which covers the different needs of the skin to celebrate each moment in the life of women.
  8. Over the years Skeyndor products have been globally recognised and rewarded through a multitude of awards like The Brazil Cosmopolitan Magazine Award, Malaysia Marie Claire Magazine Beauty Award, Spain Blue Light Technology award and The Swiss Packaging award to name a few.
  9. With great attention to detail, Skeyndor ensures each product is chosen carefully as part of a magical ritual that enables each treatment to be created, enhanced and maintained through a home care range carefully crafted with skin-loving active ingredients, even suitable for sensitive skin, making you experience silky textures, luxurious formulations and results that your skin will love.
  10. Our products are- Eco-friendly at all stages- FORMULATION, PRODUCTION  & PACKAGING
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