BB, CC & DD Creams

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Skeyndor CC Cream Age Defence is your secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin. This multi-benefit cream combines skincare and makeup, providing light coverage while nourishing your skin. Enjoy the power of UV protection and a...
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Skeyndor BB Cream Age Defence is your daily essential for ageless beauty. This all-in-one beauty balm combines skincare and makeup, Sun protection, delivering hydration, coverage, and age-defying benefits in one effortless step...
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Skeyndor DD Cream SPF 50 is your secret to flawless skin protection. This multi-tasking product combines skincare and makeup, offering high SPF protection and natural coverage for a radiant complexion. Skeyndor DD Cream SPF 50...

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BB, CC & DD Creams

CC Cream 

CC cream, short for "Color Correcting" cream, is a versatile cosmetic product that combines skincare benefits with makeup coverage. It is designed to address a variety of skin concerns while providing a lightweight and natural-looking tint to the skin. CC creams are often used as an alternative to traditional foundation or as part of a minimalistic makeup routine.

The main functions of CC creams include:

  1. Color Correction: CC creams contain pigments that help correct uneven skin tone, redness, and discoloration. They use different color-neutralizing shades to counteract specific issues. For example, peach or apricot tones can counteract blue or purple undertones under the eyes, while green tones can reduce redness.
  1. Skincare Benefits: Many CC creams include skincare ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and SPF (Sun Protection Factor). These ingredients provide hydration, and promote overall skin health. CC creams often cater to specific skin types, such as those formulated for oily, dry, or sensitive skin.
  1. Light Coverage: CC creams provide a lighter coverage compared to traditional foundations. They even out the skin tone while allowing some natural skin texture to show through. This results in a more natural and dewy finish, making CC creams suitable for everyday wear.
  1. Versatility: CC creams can serve as a multi-purpose product, acting as a primer, sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation in one. This versatility makes them a popular choice for individuals looking for a simplified beauty routine.
  1. Sun Protection: Many CC creams contain SPF to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. However, it's important to check the SPF rating and reapply sunscreen as needed, especially if you'll be spending extended time outdoors.

CC creams are available in a range of shades to match various skin tones. To find the right CC cream for your needs, consider your skin type, specific concerns, and desired level of coverage. Whether you're aiming to even out your complexion, correct redness, or simply enhance your natural beauty, CC creams can be a valuable addition to your makeup and skincare collection.

Experience daily facial skincare at its finest with the Skeyndor CC Colour Correcting Cream. This extraordinary product boasts a unique blend of natural pigments that not only imparts a healthy and radiant tone to your skin but also harmonizes it, effectively concealing those minor imperfections that can often be bothersome.

But that's not all – our treatment formula takes your skincare routine to the next level. Enriched with a potent Vitamin C derivative, it invigorates your skin, infusing it with a burst of vitality. Additionally, the inclusion of hyaluronic acid ensures optimal hydration, keeping your skin plump and youthful. And as the cherry on top, this CC Cream offers SPF 30 protection, shielding your skin from the sun's harmful rays, and maintaining its health and vibrancy.

BB Cream 

BB cream, short for "Beauty Balm" or "Blemish Balm," is a versatile cosmetic product that combines skincare and makeup elements into a single formula. Originally developed in Germany by a dermatologist, BB cream gained popularity in Asia before spreading to other parts of the world. BB cream is designed to offer a range of benefits, making it a multi-functional product suitable for various skin types. Here are some key characteristics and functions of BB cream:

  1. Light Coverage: BB creams provide a light to medium level of coverage, helping to even out the skin tone and conceal minor imperfections. However, they allow some natural skin texture to show through, resulting in a more natural and dewy finish compared to heavy foundations.
  1. Hydration: Many BB creams contain moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, which help hydrate the skin. This is especially beneficial for individuals with dry or dehydrated skin.
  1. Sun Protection: A significant number of BB creams include SPF (Sun Protection Factor), offering sun protection to shield the skin from harmful UV rays. This added sun defense helps in preventing premature aging and reducing the risk of sun damage.
  1. Skincare Benefits: BB creams often contain skincare ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical extracts. These ingredients contribute to improving skin health, reducing redness, and providing anti-aging benefits over time.
  1. Versatility: BB creams come in various formulations, some catering to specific skin types, such as those designed for oily, dry, or combination skin. They are versatile and can serve as a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in one product.

DD Cream 

A DD cream, short for "Dynamic Do-All" or "Daily Defense" cream, is a skincare and makeup product that follows in the footsteps of BB (Beauty Balm) and CC (Color Correcting) creams. While not as widely known or used as BB and CC creams, DD creams offer a combination of skincare and cosmetic benefits. Here's an overview of what DD creams are:

  1. Multi-Functional Product: DD creams are designed to provide a variety of skincare and makeup benefits in one product. They aim to be a versatile solution for individuals looking to streamline their beauty routine.
  1. Daily Defense: DD creams often emphasize their ability to protect the skin from environmental stressors and pollution. They typically contain antioxidants and ingredients that help shield the skin from free radicals and UV damage.
  1. Anti-Aging Properties: Many DD creams include anti-aging ingredients like peptides, retinol, or hyaluronic acid to help reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  1. Coverage: DD creams offer light to medium coverage, similar to BB creams. They can help even out the skin tone, cover minor imperfections, and provide a natural-looking finish.
  1. Skincare Benefits: Like BB and CC creams, DD creams often include moisturizing ingredients, sun protection (SPF), and antioxidants. These components contribute to skin hydration, sun defense, and overall skin health.

In summary, DD creams are the next step in the evolution of multi-functional beauty products, offering a combination of skincare and makeup benefits with an emphasis on daily defense against environmental stressors. If you come across a DD cream that aligns with your specific skin care needs and preferences, it can be a convenient addition to your beauty regimen. However, due to their relative rarity compared to BB and CC creams, they may not be as readily accessible in the market.

Shielding your skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation, our product goes beyond mere sun protection. It not only safeguards your skin but also performs a remarkable feat by harmonizing your skin tone and imbuing it with a luxuriously soft, youthful radiance. With this innovative formulation, you can bid adieu to uneven skin tone woes and welcome a fresh, rejuvenated appearance.