BB Cream vs. CC Cream. know the difference

For those unaware of the makeup world, the phrase BB Cream vs CC Cream might create little confusion. But, in the makeup community, this refers to a debate about modern cosmetic trends that might just change the future. If you are still a bit confused, you can think of BB & CC creams as hybrid cosmetic products. These products blur the line between makeup and skincare. In India, this category falls in the realm of tinted moisturizers with a twist.

In layman’s terms, these creams offer the benefits of a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, in one. This makes them a popular choice for the people of India, who are already quite frugal about their makeup expenses. By using any one of these options, customers can gain all the above-mentioned benefits, while foregoing the expense and energy of putting on 5 different layers of makeup. This makes these products one of the best options for people looking for that minimalist makeup look.

But then, the question arises. Why even pick between BB Cream vs CC Cream if they are both such good options? The answer lies in the difference between what these creams are and what they accomplish. Let’s begin in alphabetical order to keep things simple.

What is a BB Cream?

The ‘BB’ in BB Cream is often referred to as “Beauty Balm”, or “Blemish Balm”. It is as we’ve mentioned above, a hybrid product. It is meant to provide moisture to the skin, while also offering a certain level of SPF protection. Due to its light chemical composition, it can also double up as a foundation with enough coverage. Although the thing to remember is that the coverage is quite sheer when compared to regular foundation. There are also a lot fewer colour options to pick from.


How to use a BB Cream?

Using the BB cream is as simple as using any other makeup product. Take a healthy amount of product and dot your face with it. Take a dampened makeup sponge and gently blend it into your skin. Make sure you give equal coverage to areas around the ears and the neck. This will not only help you void harsh lines but also ensure that you have proper SPF protection. You can use this product daily without worrying about damaging the skin. It will help you save time and money, while still getting the necessary protection.

BB Cream Uses

BB Cream is a multipurpose product that can act as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, sunscreen, skin care treatment, concealer, and more. The usage of the cream will depend on the goal that you need it to achieve. These goals can vary depending on your skin type, usage style, and even your gender. So, we will try to cover all the uses of BB Creams concerning all the relevant factors.

BB Cream for Particular Skin Types
Each product has different effects on different types of people. This is related to the tolerance levels of various skin types versus the effects of the ingredients used. Some products are actually designed to work with specific skin types. But since the BB cream is a multi-purpose product, we will focus on all skin types.

BB Cream for Dry Skin
This is the perfect skin type to benefit from the use of a BB cream. Because the cream acts as a moisturizer first. Regular use will help in bringing back the natural moisture and elasticity of the skin. It also works as a great primer, as it keeps the dry skin nourished even under various layers of makeup.

BB Cream for Oily Skin
Oily skin can make your face seem greasy while making the makeup layers feel like excess weight. This becomes even more of a problem if you tend to use proper layering with separate products. This translates to a separate layer for sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer, with a heavy layer of foundation on the top. All of this, before you even begin to go for individual makeup products. By replacing the abovementioned products with just a simple BB cream, you can take the extra weight off your face. With less product used, there’ll be even lesser chances that your pores get clogged. So, in a way, BB cream can proactively prevent acne breakouts.

BB Cream for Sensitive Skin
People with sensitive skin face a two-sided battle. On one hand, their skin is a lot more prone to bad reactions when exposed to various chemicals. At the same time, they also have to carry around the emotional baggage of having facial scars and blemishes. Thankfully, BB creams can help with both of these problems. This is because Skeyndor creams are hypoallergenic, so they don’t irritate the skin in the first place. At the same time, the presence of various vitamins and anti-oxidants helps calm down the parts that are already inflamed. To top it off, the BB cream features a special tint that helps even out the skin tone with ease. All of this combined gives users the confidence to shine in their own skin.

BB Cream for Different Genders
It is a common misconception that cosmetic products are only for women. There are thousands of men who are interested in taking care of their skin. However, they are often left with incomplete information, since most companies don’t market to men. These men then have to rely on anonymous online forums to get their information, owing to the perceived social stigma. Thankfully, multi-purpose products like the BB & CC Creams have the option to bridge this gap. This is why we are going to focus on the benefits of the BB Cream for both genders.

BB Cream for Men
As we have mentioned before, BB creams have multiple benefits. Men can avail these benefits too. On the surface level, this product is a great option for sun protection due to its SPF content. The added moisturizing agents further enhance the nourishment levels of the skin, thus making it appear healthier. The foundational properties of the formula help cover up the dark spots and scars that most men often leave untreated. While the presence of various vitamins and anti-oxidants works towards eliminating these blemishes from within. In this way, this product alone can help men get a huge jumpstart towards proper skincare.

BB Cream for Women
It is well established that you can use BB cream as a replacement for moisturizers, primers, foundations, sunscreens, and more. Heck, you can even replace them all with one single tube and save a lot of money. This is what makes the BB cream, the ultimate product for a woman on the go. With proper coverage, you can even skip the makeup part and get that much desired “no-makeup” look. This gives women the freedom to look great without having to invest thousands in their skincare routine. If you want more specific coverage, you can always keep reading and learn what the CC cream does differently.

What is a CC Cream?

The ‘CC’ in CC Cream is often referred to as “Colour Correction” or “Complexion Corrector”. In most aspects, it is almost the same product as a BB cream. The difference comes from the texture and make of the product. This means, that when compared to a BB Cream, the CC cream is even lighter, and features a matte effect. In addition, it is also more focused on dealing with pigmentation and discoloration of specific spots. What this means is that while it may not be able to compete with the BB cream as a replacement for foundational coverage; it is still the better option when it comes to acting as a concealer. Once again, like its sister product, there are a lot fewer colour options to pick from.

cc cream

How to use a CC Cream?

The usage of CC Cream is quite similar to that of the BB Cream. Although you certainly won’t need as much product to do the same job. The reason being that this cream is more focused on colour correction and concealing dark spots. So, take a small amount at a time and dot your face with the product. Focus specifically on problem areas that stand out against the skin. Use a dampened makeup sponge to gently blend the cream into the skin. Since you’re taking smaller amounts, it may take two or three applications to get proper coverage. You won’t get the opaque coverage that’s promised with the BB cream. It is still a better option for spot concealment and dealing with stubborn blemishes. You can add a finishing layer of fine powder to complete the matte look. It will not only look subtler but also feel a lot lighter than the BB cream.

CC Cream Uses

We have introduced these products as hybrids that combine the benefits of a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen in one. The BB cream can be considered the more all-purpose solution for a wide range of purposes. While the CC cream is more of an evolution that focuses on specific issues that are still widespread. This changes it from a general multi-purpose product to a highly specific tool that still has a vast use case. For the CC cream, this focus is colour correction, and that’s a benefit that a lot of people can appreciate. Here are a few such applications.

CC Cream for Particular Skin Types
Just like any other skincare product, the CC cream behaves differently with different skin types. At the same time, different skin types also come with specific issues with discolouration and blemishes that need special care. Thankfully, since it is still a relatively multi-purpose product, the CC cream can offer different benefits to different people.

CC Cream for Dry Skin
People with dry skin can benefit from the CC cream in general, as it contains various moisturizing agents. Dry skin also gets scratched up as a result of itchiness caused by dead skin. This cream can not only conceal these marks but also help them heal up. The antioxidants and other active ingredients present also help the skin glow from within. This helps give the dull and dry skin a healthier look.

CC Cream for Oily Skin
Oily skin is one of the best skin conditions to benefit from the use of the CC cream. The reason being that it is a lot lighter and less greasy than the BB cream. It also features a matte effect that doesn’t shine as much on oily skin as other products might. On top of that, since it is a lot lighter than other products, there is less of a chance that it clogs up the pores and causes an acne breakout. By replacing your moisturizer and primer with this product, you can take a lot of weight off your face. This ensures that the oil doesn’t mix up with the layers and makes your face seem greasy. This alone makes it one of the best products for people with oily skin.

CC Cream for Sensitive Skin
We know the struggle that people with sensitive skin face daily. They have more trouble picking the right kind of products due to their sensitivity. On top of that, they also develop a lot more scars and blemishes as a result of constantly irritated skin. Thankfully, CC cream is specifically designed to help with these problems. It begins with Skeyndor commitment to make sure that most of their products are hypoallergenic. This means that they don’t irritate the skin. At the same time, the cream especially focuses on concealment. This means that you can easily cover up even the most stubborn marks and blemishes without using chemical-heavy products. To top it off, the cream is infused with various vitamins and antioxidants that help calm down any inflammation present. This makes it a great product for people who suffer from sensitive skin.

CC Cream for Different Genders
Just like the BB cream, the CC cream is also designed to be gender-neutral. The benefits provided by the product can help both men and women in their skincare journey. Since the focus is on colour correction and concealment, let’s see how it fares with both genders.

CC Cream for Women
When it comes to colour correction, women are a lot more proactive than men. This is because women understand how an uneven skin tone can affect your final look. This is why they spend so much effort in making sure that the base is always perfectly matched. This doesn’t just mean blending the foundation properly. What we are talking about are the dark patches, acne spots, and blemishes that ruin the colour of your skin. Without taking care of them, you can’t get that perfectly smooth skin tone that everyone desires. The CC cream is specially designed to help with this concealment issue. We recommend regular use to help cover these problems while also reducing your makeup bill.

CC Cream for Men
When we take a look at the grooming habits of men, recommending the CC cream to them becomes a no-brainer. It is common knowledge that most men don’t take care of their acne or dark spot unless specifically forced. In fact, if not for some specific interventions, they might just go through life collecting pimple scars and dark heads. This intervention can come in the form of the CC cream. It can help men jumpstart their skincare journey, by delivering a moisturizer, concealer, and sunscreen in one. With one product, men can easily get a grip on some of the most common skin-related issues present. Even if they themselves might not be smart enough to pick good products; we hope that the women in their lives would take the initiative and help initiate them into the growing world of men’s beauty.

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