Double cleanse your way to healthy skin
We all understand the value of cleansing because it is the most important step for your skin. The techniques for doing so have changed over time. Due to the numerous environmental variables that can harm your skin, such as dirt, grime, excess oil, and pollution, simple washing is often insufficient, especially if you want your skin to be thoroughly cleaned. This is where the concept of double cleansing comes in. So what exactly is double cleansing? This method guarantees that your skin is squeaky clean without removing your skin’s natural oils and stripping it of moisture. It is an age-old method that works by using two cleansers, usually an oil based one along with a water based one to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, grime, and all other impurities that sit on your skin throughout the day. Contrary to what you might think, double cleansing is not as time consuming as it seems. It’s a simple two step process that will only add a couple of minutes to your skincare routine but give you multiple benefits and help you achieve those perfect results. While double cleansing your skin at home you can follow these simple steps

Use a micellar water, oil-cleanser, or cleansing balm for the first cleanse. Apply micellar water on a cotton pad if you’re using it. Use your fingertips if you’re applying a cleaning oil or balm.

You can massage the product into your skin using cotton swabs or your fingers. This will dissolve down any kind of residue, including sunscreen, sebum, and makeup, gently but efficiently. The second step of double cleansing is this.

Rinse the product from your face with some water. If you want to make sure all of the residue is removed, you can keep rubbing it in a circular motion.

As usual, take a small bit of your face cleanser and gently massage it into your skin. When doing this, you can either use your fingertips or a face washing tool.

After thoroughly rinsing the soap from your face, pat your face dry and carry on with your regular application of toner, serum, and moisturiser. That’s it! You’ve mastered the art of double cleansing!

The type of cleansers you select also play a crucial role and must depend on the type of skin you have. For people with oily skin using gentle cleansers that control oil production is a safe bet. For the best results with double cleansing, consider looking for substances like tulsi, olive oil, mint, aloe vera, and vitamin C.

Those with dry skin should choose a product that is soothing and non-irritating. Look for substances that will help you get rid of damaged skin and dullness so that your skin glows, such as cocoa, berry, and black currant extracts, vitamin E, and vitamin B5.

If you have combination skin, search for cleansers that won’t make your skin feel dry while preventing oiliness. Thus, it is preferable to select an oil-based cleanser. You can seek for components like vitamin A and rosehip oil that will brighten, moisturise, and smooth out wrinkles on your skin.

People are unaware of the many advantages of double cleansing! In addition to giving you perfectly clean skin, twice washing has a tonne of wonderful skincare benefits that will enhance the general look and health of your face. It also enhances the effectiveness of other skincare products because your skin can absorb other skincare products far more efficiently when it is clear of pollutants, makeup, and sunscreen residue. By removing that layer, the products can penetrate your skin deeper and faster. Maintaining a double cleansing routine also helps your skin look and feel better. Since your products perform better without the extra layer, it leaves your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

The double cleansing procedure is intended for all skin types and Skeyndor offers a wonderful double dimension skin cleansing treatment that renews, repairs, cleanses and conditions the skin in order to maintain its health and protect its natural barrier. We recommend going in for the treatment and enjoying the many benefits of double cleansing.

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