Skincare is for everyone

Men frequently believe that healthy food and exercise will be enough for food skin and thus they do not require a skin care routine. Men damage their skin quite frequently through outdoor hobbies, stressful jobs, and even shaving. The right treatments and skincare products have a true impact and can make a remarkable difference. They are packed with active substances, vitamins, and fatty acids that feed the skin in addition to protecting it and promoting blood circulation. Skin that is well-nourished is healthy skin. The greatest skin care products available today have formulas that lessen the visibility of wrinkles, lines, and spots. Skeyndor Men is a great professional range of cosmetics designed exclusively for men with two main purposes in mind: Maintaining the skin’ balance and correcting the concerns and problems of men’s skin.

The most significant distinction is that men have larger and more active pores due to their active sebaceous glands. This results in men's skin being oilier than women's, making it more prone to attract dust and dirt. For men, age-related changes take longer to manifest, but once they do, they do so more quickly and completely. Therefore, it is crucial to handle this situation preventatively. When ageing does occur, frequent facial skin hydration will make it look less pronounced.

Shaving also causes skin stress as every shave exposes the skin that is more vulnerable to environmental causes since it eliminates the top layer of skin cells. Skin that is overly sensitive needs greater attention. All these factors clubbed with the polluted environment we live in, the stress of city life and our hectic schedules are enough to wreak havoc on our skin.

Skeyndor offers a great professional treatment for men that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with a selection of cosmetic active ingredients, chosen and put together by experts to maintain and enhance the properties and functions of men’s skin and promote the overall well-being of the skin.

We know that men often shy away from professional treatments and sometimes their busy work lives prevent us from taking good care of our skin and to address these problems, Skeyndor has also introduced an exclusive range of home care products for men, to enable them to take care of their skin. The range of products include a:

  • Daily Detox Face Wash which provides in depth cleansing and restores the external balance of the skin, by accelerating the cell renewal process. It removes all dirt, excess oil and impurities from the skin thereby improving the appearance.
  • Redness Preventing After Shave that as the name suggests is designed to reduce the irritation and redness from shaving. It calms the skin, leaving the face feeling relaxed and fresh.
  • Energising Anti-Age Serum that provides the skin with an invigorating dose of energy. It improves the skin’s resistance to stress and extreme atmospheres while also working on preventing and softening signs of skin fatigue and ageing. The serum also contains SPF 10 which makes it perfect for use during the day.
  • Shine Control 24H Aqua Emulsion which provides deep hydration and reduces shiny, oily skin appearance. It immediately regulates mixed and oily skins, refines pore size and unifies the skin’s appearance.

Each of these products uniquely address distinct skin concerns and leave the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy. Good skincare is a crucial component of self-care, much like a balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough rest. It's more about taking care of yourself and your largest organ, your skin, than it is about using cosmetics and trying to stay young. In other words, wellness is skincare and now that you have all the details, what are you waiting for? Get started on your skincare journey now!

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