The ultimate guide to face serums!

Only a few people know about face serums as a product, let alone how a face serum benefits the skin. This is partly a problem of ignorance, and partly an issue with how people view the category. In general, people view serums as intensive therapy tools. Tools that are mostly used in professional treatments, and/or by old people. While the first part is true, the rest of it is just speculation based on incomplete information.

But before we dive deep into how to face serums work, and who can use them. It is important to first look into what a face serum actually is. This will help dispel some myths about this often ignored skincare category as well as give you an overview of where this product can fit in your skincare routine. We will even offer advice on which is the best vitamin c serum for face benefit available to you. Let’s start with the basics first.

What is a Face Serum?

In the most basic sense, face serums are highly concentrated cosmetic formulas, that work to address highly specific problems related to skincare. They are often designed to go deep into the skin. And deliver a heavy dose of active ingredients directly to the problem area.

This is possible because of smaller molecules that penetrate the skin layers easily. This is a result of being lighter and more simplified than a regular face cream or moisturizer. One way to do this is by removing the oils and other excess ingredients from the formula. These ingredients help give regular face creams their texture, and staying power. But since serums don’t focus on that aspect, they can trade that space for more active ingredients. A side effect of this is that you need to add a product layer after the serum, to lock in the benefits.

Skeyndor offers face serums for the following skin concerns:

– Moisturizing Serums
– Skin Repair Serums
– Skin Lightening Serums
– Skin Protection Serums
– Acne/Sensitive Skin Serums
– Anti-Aging Serums

What is the difference between Face Serums and Face Creams?
So far, we have explored what a face serum is and the major skincare concerns that it deals with. Now, it is time to look a bit deeper into the definition of the category, and how it differentiates from the rest. Since face creams and moisturizers are often mixed with this category. We will focus on how to face serums differ from face creams.

Here are the major differences between Face Serums and Face Creams:

– Face Serums are lighter than face creams and come in smaller quantities.
– Face Serums are more easily absorbed by the skin.
– Face Serums are usually water-based, while creams are often oil-based.
– Face Serums work beneath the skin, while face creams work on the surface.
– Face Serums need cream or moisturizer to lock in the benefits.
– Face Serums are a bit more expensive since they contain more active ingredients.

What are some face serum benefits?

Now that you know what a face serum is and how it differs from other skincare products. We can begin to focus on the unique benefits that you can only get from a face serum. Of course, different serums work to solve different problems. But there are some benefits that remain the same across all categories.

Here are some face serum benefits that you can expect with regular use:

– Face Serums nourish the skin, and help remove dryness, redness, and general inflammation.
– Face Serums help refine the pores to help prevent clogging.
– Face Serums work to reduce dark spots, acne, scarring, and other texture-related issues.
– Face Serums help fight free radicals, and melanin build-up, to make the skin glow from within.
– Face Serums deliver a boost of collagen and Vitamin C to the skin, to help it appear smoother and firmer.
– Face Serums help the skin fight the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use a Face Serum?

Like the benefits, the method of using a face serum is also obvious knowledge that we would still like to cover. It is similar to how we use most cosmetics products. But most people still feel intimidated by the thought of trying something new. So we decided to list it all out in simple steps for you to follow.

Here is how you use a Face Serum:

– You can use the Face Serum once or twice a day.
– Make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly before application.
– After cleansing, pat your face dry gently, to prevent breakage of the skin.
– Take the Face Serum and rub it into your skin in slow circular movements.
– Make sure to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes.
– Once the serum is absorbed by the skin, add a layer of moisturizer on top to lock in the benefits.

Which Face Serum to pick?
As we mentioned in the beginning, face serums work on different aspects of skincare. The problem in focus decides what kind of ingredients make up the formula of that serum. Skeyndor too has a range of serums that work on different skincare-related concerns.

Here is a list of Skeyndor Serums that you can get:

– Moisturizing Booster – For Dry Skin

– Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15% – For New Skin Generation

– Pore Refining Repair Serum – For Acne Prevention

– Antiox Glowing Serum – For Skin Brightening

– City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum – For Urban Protection

– SOS Anti-Redness Serum – For Calming Inflammation

– Intensive Repairing Serum-in-Cream – For Skin Repair

– Lift Contour Elixir Face & Neck – For Skin Lifting Benefits

– Energizing Anti-Age Serum – For Men

– Eternal Intensive Serum – For Sustained Anti-Aging Action

– Timeless Prodigy – The Serum – For Stem Cell Action

– Timeless Prodigy – The Luxury Elixir – For 3 Phase Therapy

Professional Help
Do you feel like face serums are still a confusing topic, and have trouble picking the right one for you? Then you can always visit our website and explore our ‘Know Your Treatment’ page. It is a simple online tool that asks relevant questions about your skin and related concerns. Then calculates and presents the best possible treatments for your particular issues.

For a more human touch, you can always call our helpline number. And talk with our resident skincare experts about all your needs and how to fulfill them. Once you have decided on what products suit you best, we will send them to you, as we deliver all over India. Check it out now to see what face serum benefits you can enjoy.

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