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Skeyndor City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O2

4 Reviews


Gel Cream for stressed and suffocated skin with oily to combination skin type. Moisturises skin, boosts oxygen and gives protection against the pollutants.

Sku: 5352 1208

Gel-Cream that provides a fresh sensation immediately for mixed or oily skin, suffocated and fatigued by lack of oxygen. Creates a protective film on the face that maintains the hydration of the skin and helps recover its lost moisture. It helps skin oxygenation and protects the skin with a barrier effect against environmental pollution.

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Boosts oxygen and protects skin against pollutants.
  • Perflurodeclaine
  • Trapoleum Majus

Apply with a gentle massage on the face, neck and clean neck area. Do not apply to eyes or mucous membranes.

4 reviews for Skeyndor City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O2

  1. Sunanda Sarkar Das

    My face has become more smooth and soft.. after using these products.. the face issues which I was suffering has been reduced day by day..

  2. A Sudhamayi

    Great suggestion from your skin expert for my concern my skin become healthy and much much better after using this product.

  3. Guneet Kaur

    Amazing changes I got after this product more smooth more healthy skin

  4. reshu.jeannot7

    It works amazingly well on little bumps on my face.

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