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Skeyndor City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O2

6 Reviews


Gel Cream for stressed and suffocated skin with oily to combination skin type. Moisturises skin, boosts oxygen and gives protection against the pollutants.


Sku: 5352 1208

Gel-Cream that provides a fresh sensation immediately for mixed or oily skin, suffocated and fatigued by lack of oxygen. Creates a protective film on the face that maintains the hydration of the skin and helps recover its lost moisture. It helps skin oxygenation and protects the skin with a barrier effect against environmental pollution.

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Boosts oxygen and protects skin against pollutants.
  • Perflurodeclaine
  • Trapoleum Majus

Apply with a gentle massage on the face, neck and clean neck area. Do not apply to eyes or mucous membranes.

6 reviews for Skeyndor City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O2

  1. Sunanda Sarkar Das

    My face has become more smooth and soft.. after using these products.. the face issues which I was suffering has been reduced day by day..

  2. A Sudhamayi

    Great suggestion from your skin expert for my concern my skin become healthy and much much better after using this product.

  3. Guneet Kaur

    Amazing changes I got after this product more smooth more healthy skin

  4. reshu.jeannot7

    It works amazingly well on little bumps on my face.

  5. Shatabdi Nanda

    Best skin care brand, anyone can opt for.

  6. Anwesha

    Thank you for suggesting me my skin get much healthier and better

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