Skeyndor City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum

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Serum for dull, stressed skin. Detoxifies and purifies skin. Protects against environmental pollution

Size: 30ml

Country of Origin: Spain

Manufacturer: Skeyndor S.L.U., Navas De Tolosa, 148, 08223 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

Importer: Ekta Cosmetics Limited, 3rd Floor, B-6, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

Best Before: 30 April 2028

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Skeyndor City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum is a powerful antitoxic solution designed for the face and neck. Formulated with a blend of active detoxifying, antioxidant ingredients, it provides a comprehensive defense against urban pollution. This serum is ideal for revitalizing stressed, suffocated, and fatigued skin, combating the effects of oxygen deprivation commonly experienced in urban environments.


Skeyndor City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum is a sophisticated skincare solution crafted to counteract the detrimental effects of urban living on the skin. Its innovative formula combines potent detoxifying agents, antioxidants, and protective elements to create a multifaceted defense against pollution. In urban environments where the skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, this serum acts as a shield, promoting a more intense purifying effect.

The serum features Malachite Extract, a key ingredient known for its detoxifying properties. It works to rid the skin of impurities and neutralize the harmful effects of pollution, helping to restore clarity and vitality. This targeted approach makes the serum particularly effective for individuals with stressed, suffocated, and fatigued skin, addressing the challenges posed by urban lifestyles.

As a versatile skincare product, Skeyndor City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum not only detoxifies and purifies the skin but also forms a protective barrier against pollutants. This dual-action serum not only combats the existing damage caused by environmental factors but also prevents future harm. The result is a complexion that feels rejuvenated, resilient, and more resistant to the stresses of modern city life.

  • Detoxifies and Purifies: The serum's active ingredients, including Malachite Extract, work synergistically to detoxify the skin, eliminating impurities and promoting a healthier complexion.
  • Protection Against Urban Pollution: Skeyndor's advanced formula acts as a barrier, shielding the skin from the harmful effects of urban pollution, including toxins and free radicals.
  • Revitalizes Stressed Skin: Ideal for individuals with stressed, suffocated, and fatigued skin, the serum helps combat the lack of oxygen often experienced in urban environments, promoting a more vibrant and revitalized complexion.
Malachite Extract
  • Start with a clean and dry face.
  • Dispense a small amount of Skeyndor City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum onto your fingertips.
  • Gently spread the serum across your face and neck using small massaging motions.
  • Allow the serum to be absorbed into the skin before applying additional skincare or makeup products.
  • For optimal results, incorporate this serum into your daily skincare routine, morning and evening. Enjoy the benefits of a detoxified, protected, and revitalized complexion.

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