SOS Anti redness

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Serum that provides immediate relief from redness and tightness in sensitive skin.

Size: 30ml

Country of Origin: Spain

Manufacturer: Skeyndor S.L.U., Navas De Tolosa, 148, 08223 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

Importer: Ekta Cosmetics Limited, 3rd Floor, B-6, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

Best Before: 28 Feb 2027

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Skeyndor SOS Anti Redness is a balsamic serum specially formulated to offer immediate relief and freshness to sensitive skin types experiencing tightness and redness. Enriched with potent plant extracts, this serum addresses couperose and redness, promoting the normalization of reactive skin. It effectively reduces redness and sensitivity, leaving the skin strengthened and revitalized.

Skeyndor SOS Anti Redness is a targeted solution for individuals with sensitive skin prone to redness and tightness. This balsamic serum is formulated with a blend of powerful ingredients designed to provide immediate relief and freshness. The serum is enriched with plant extracts known for their effectiveness in addressing couperose and redness, promoting a healthier and more balanced complexion.

The comprehensive formulation of SOS Anti Redness includes thermal water, prebiotic oligosaccharides, and perfluorocarbons, all of which contribute to the overall strength and normalization of reactive skin. The serum not only reduces redness and sensitivity but also strengthens the skin, creating a more resilient barrier against irritations.

Key ingredients such as thermal water and prebiotic oligosaccharides work synergistically to soothe and calm the skin. The addition of perfluorocarbons enhances the serum's efficacy in providing immediate relief. Plant extracts specifically chosen for their effectiveness in treating redness and couperose contribute to the serum's overall therapeutic benefits.

To use, simply apply a small amount of the serum all over the face after cleansing. For individuals with mildly congested skin, use the product as a serum. For those with intensely congested skin, apply a larger amount and follow up with the Bi Zone Soft mask for enhanced results. This easy-to-use serum fits seamlessly into any skincare routine, offering a targeted solution for sensitive skin concerns.

  • Reduction of Redness and Sensitivity: Skeyndor SOS Anti Redness effectively reduces redness and sensitivity in sensitive skin types.
  • Skin Strengthening: The serum strengthens the skin's barrier, promoting resilience against irritations and external aggressors.
  • Normalization of Reactive Skin: Enriched with thermal water, prebiotic oligosaccharides, and perfluorocarbons, the formulation contributes to the normalization of reactive skin.
  • Treatment of Couperose: Plant extracts specifically selected for their therapeutic properties address couperose, improving the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Immediate Relief: The balsamic serum provides immediate relief for tightness and discomfort associated with sensitive skin.
  • Thermal water
  • Pre-biotic oligosaccharides
  • Perfluorocarbons
  • Plant extracts for the treatment of redness and couperose.
  • Start with a thorough cleansing of the skin.
  • Apply a small amount of Skeyndor SOS Anti Redness all over the face.
  • For Mild Congestion: Use the product as a serum for mildly congested skin.
  • For Intense Congestion: Apply a larger amount, and for enhanced results, follow up with the Bi Zone Soft mask.
  • Incorporate into Skincare Routine: Seamlessly incorporate this serum into your daily skincare routine to address redness, sensitivity, and promote overall skin health.

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