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A range inspired by nature to awaken the senses. Inspired by the elements of nature, transforming each ritual into a unique and lasting wellness experience.

Offers Body Scrubs – Authentic Wraps – Priceless Massages – Essential Oils

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Body Scrubs : Just as diamonds need to be polished to reveal its beauty, our skin also needs to be purified. From the gentle nourishment of the most delicate Avocado to the strength of the most resilient thermal salts, each body scrub will work into the skin with varying degrees of exfoliation to renew and revitalise, leaving the skin smooth and even.

  1. Thermal Salt Scrub – Strongest and Most Intense
  2. Charcoal Mud – The most persistent and purifying
  3. Orange and Apricot Cream – Medium Intensity, Fruity and Anti-oxidant
  4. Sesame and Avocado butter – The finest that buffs and nourishes the Skin

Body Wraps : Wraps provide deep nourishment with exquisite textures. The nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and plant extracts in different body wraps penetrates the skin and nourishes from within. There is a different Body wrap for every skin type, needs and preference.

  1. Sapphire Cream Wrap – Invigorating – Creamy and energizing body wrap with sapphire particles.
  2. Hematite Mud Wrap – Re-mineralizing – Hematite extract, organic mud and Salies – de- Bearn water reinforces the skin’s defences with this body wrap.
  3. Green Tea Effervescent Wrap – Detoxifying – This body wrap with heat effect is composed of green tea and citrus fruits that will eliminate liquids and impurities from the skin.
  4. Glacier Water Cooling Gel Wrap – Circulation activator – Glacier water, pink pepper, peppermint and eucalyptus are the natural ingredients that make this stimulating body wrap.

Body Massages : The power of hands together with the delicate texture of oils, creams and essences can result in incalculable benefits for the body. We can awaken the senses with the massages and benefit the skin in so many ways with our different massage products.

  1. Malachite Massage Balm – Anti-Stress – Antioxidant body massage oil with malachite extract.
  2. Indian Spices Massage Oil – Balancing – Indian spices, coconut, sesame and black cumin give this body massage oil a balancing effect as they relax all the senses.
  3. Bamboo & Lotus Massage Rich Cream – Nourishing – This body massage cream is composed of bamboo, lotus flower and water lily.
  4. Cannabis Massage Cream – Calming – Body massage cream with cannabis extract, shea butter and enriched with Vitamin E capsules, which dissolve to provide antioxidants. :

Essential Oils : For immediate uplifting of mood, Choose essential oil as per your need.

  1. Ginger and Bitter Orange Essence : If you feel tired and fatigued, Choose this essence.
  2. Lavender and Cinnamon Essence :If you feel stressed and anxious, Choose this essence.
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