Cleanser vs. Face Wash! Know the difference here

The difference between a cleanser and a face wash is something that everyone should be aware of. Yet, for most people cleansers and face wash are interchangeable words. This is because most advertisers treat them as such.

As a result, you will often see a cleanser and a face wash sharing the same category on beauty portals. This is more about convenience for them than being right. Still, to get the most out of these products, you should know what they are. This is why we are taking this time to explore both types of face cleansing/washing products.

Even though both these products work on cleaning our skin, it is their approach that separates them. While cleansers deliver deep cleaning in a soothing way, a face wash offers a more superficial cleaning. At Skeyndor, we take this differentiation to another level. By dividing them further based on ingredients used and skin types targeted.

For this article, we will focus on the products available in the following ranges:

1.Natural Defence Line
2.Aquatherm Line
3.Derma Peel Pro Line
4.Clear Balance Line
5.Urban White Line
6.Men’s Line

Besides cleansers and face washes, these lines also feature other skincare products. You can browse through them all and pick what suits you best. But before you make that decision, let us give you an introduction to cleansers. And what separates them from face washes.

What is a Cleanser?

Cleansers are a type of cosmetics that clean up the face in a calming and soothing manner. They often feature a milky or gel-like texture that feels light on the skin. Depending on the ingredients used, you can also get other benefits like acne prevention.

The goal is to nourish and hydrate the skin so it doesn’t get irritating to the touch. This is why most cleansers don’t use a lot of strong chemicals. This helps them maintain the delicate pH balance required for healthy skin.

As a result, while they will lather up nicely, it just won’t be as foaming as a face wash. Thankfully, despite the reduced foam and bubbles, cleansers are better at cleansing than a face wash. They go beyond the surface of the skin and offer a deep cleansing experience

Skeyndor recommends the following cleansers in our lineup to take care of your needs:

1.Soft Cleansing Milk – Natural Defence Line
2.Delicate Cleansing Milk – Aquatherm Line
3.Thermal Cleansing Gel – Aquatherm Line
4.Cleansing Micellar Water – Aquatherm Line
5.Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel – Derma Peel Pro Line

How to use a Cleanser?

As we have established, cleansers are quite light on the skin. This also means that the process of the application itself requires a light touch. This is where a cleanser differs from a face wash.

You don’t apply the cleanser like a face wash. Instead, you use a cotton pads to take a small amount and rub it on your face. Make sure you wet your hands and face beforehand.

The cotton absorbs the dirt, dead cells, and any traces of makeup or other cosmetics. Since the formula is quite gentle on the skin, you can use it twice a day. If you feel the need to rinse your face afterward, make sure to use lukewarm water. Hot water can also strip your skin of its essential moisture.

There are a few more tips we recommend for using Skeyndor cleansers:

1.The Cleansing Micellar Water doesn’t need rinsing.
2.The Delicate Cleansing Milk and Soft cleansing milk, works great on dry sensitive skin.
3.The Thermal Cleansing Gel works best on oily sensitive skin.
4.The Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel is not meant for sensitive skin.

What is a Face Wash?

Now that you know what a cleanser is, it is easier to classify face washes. A face wash is a chemical formulation that helps clean the surface of the skin. It might not be stronger than a cleanser but still offers better cleaning than regular soap bars. In fact, a face wash is often gentler than your regular soap bars. You often find them in a gel based formula that is great for superficial cleansing.

The ingredients that make it so also act as a lathering agent. This gives it the foaming quality that we associate with face washes. This helps wash away the excess oil on the surface of the skin. Since a face wash is not that strong, it can be used more than once, daily, without worrying about the skin.

One thing to remember is that face washes don’t have a moisturizing element. So, once you have cleaned your face it might feel a bit dry. If you have dry skin, make sure you also use a moisturizer after using the face wash.

Skeyndor recommends the following face wash in our line-up to take care of your needs:

1.Daily Detox Face Wash – Men’s Line
2.Pure Cleansing Foam – Clear Balance Line
3.New Skin Foaming Cleanser – Urban White Line

How to use a Face Wash?

Using a face wash is something most of us are familiar with. Take a small dollop of the product and rub it into the skin. Make sure that the skin is wet in advance, or you might have difficulty building lather.

The ingredients that produce lather are quite strong. This makes the face wash foam a bit irritating to sensitive areas. So, make sure you don’t get it anywhere near your eyes or mucous glands.

One of the main things that differentiate a face wash from a cleanser is rinsing. Since face washes lather, they need proper rinsing to clean the face off any residue.

There are a few more tips we recommend for using a Skeyndor face wash:

1.Wet your hands and face before you use a face wash.
2.Make sure to pin back your hair to avoid getting it full of lather.
3.Avoid use of hot water for rinsing.
4.Don’t rub your face with a towel. Instead Pat Dry.

Main Differences between a Cleanser and Face Wash

Now that you know what differentiates a cleanser from a face wash, it is time to list the main differences. These differences aren’t too big but do create a distinction between the two segments.

Face Wash Cleanser
Cleans the skin surface Deep Cleans the skin and pores
Can be used multiple times during the day Use Twice a day
Foams A Lot Produces Light Foam
Contains no Moisturizer Moisturizes the Skin
Requires thorough rinsing Requires gentle rinsing


You can use this as a checklist the next time you are in the market to buy a good cleanser or face wash. You can find most of these cleansers and face washes on the Skeyndor web store. We deliver all over India and can also guide you towards our professional treatments. Each range mentioned here contains its own unique salon treatment. You can try them all and enjoy the benefits they offer. Visit our website’s ‘Know Your Treatment’ section to learn more.

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