Anti-aging cream to fight wrinkles & fine lines

The promise of anti-aging cream is something that we all desire. After all, the desire to look youthful and beautiful is important to people across the world. But even the best anti-aging creams, can’t completely reverse the impact of passage of time on our skin. To improve the results, what we can do is try to make sure that as you age, your skin gets the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. This in itself will go a long way to delay the signs of aging.

What is an Anti-Aging Cream?

An Anti-Aging cream works on handling the needs of mature and/or damaged skin. It provides vital nutrition and hydration to the skin. As skin ages, it loses moisture and dries up. This is a big problem in itself, but can also cause other problems. Such as dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as saggy skin.

Damage caused by sun exposure makes all these problems worse. This is why you need products that can handle all these issues and more. Skeyndor has several lines focused on treating these problems. Each line uses specific ingredients and specific approaches. This is what separates them from each other, while still being as effective as the next.

For this article, we will focus on these specific skincare ranges for anti-aging:

1.Corrective Line
2.Eternal Line
3.Timeless Prodigy Line

While there are more lines that can also help in overcoming the skin ageing issues, for now, let’s explore these ones in detail. All the three lines mentioned above offer best anti-aging products and are more than enough to deliver the results you desire.

Skeyndor Corrective Line

As the name suggests, this line of products focuses on correcting the sign of aging. What this means is that the anti-aging cream features special skin lifting agents. This helps correct the sagginess that we associate with old age.

Along with these agents, the formula also features skin fill-in substances. They fill in the fine lines and make them disappear. These substances, when combined with other active ingredients, help in smoothening the skin.

You can get these benefits in form of a cream or a serum. There is even a product that focuses on expression lines around the eye. These products can be used by men and women equally. With regular use, you will see a marked difference in the visible appearance of your skin.

To make it easier for you, here is a list of the products available in the corrective line:

1.Corrective Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream
2.Corrective Expression Lines Serum
3.Corrective Eye Expression Lines Eraser

Skeyndor Eternal Line

Every anti-aging cream is capable of ironing out the fine-lines and wrinkles on skin. What marks the distinction is the presence of specific ingredients for special results.

For Skeyndor’s Eternal line, that special ingredient is stem cells. The products in this line feature plant-based stem cell nano-liposomes. These stem cells are then combined with other high-efficacy active ingredients. The result is a formula that delivers a long-lasting anti-aging effect. In fact, it is so effective that the Eternal line has won a European Innovation Award.

Like the previous line, this one too features multiple products. This includes an anti-aging cream, a serum, an eye cream, as well as a special night restoration oil. They can all serve as both, an anti-aging cream for men, or an anti-aging cream for women. The Eternal Sleeping oil is the only product that has to be used in the night time. Rest all the products can be used as day and night products, as per the client’s skin need.

Here are the products that you can get under the Eternal line-up:

1.Eternal Cream
2.Eternal Intensive Serum
3.Eternal Sleeping Oil (Night Restoring Oil)
4.Eternal Icy Eye Cream

Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy Line

The timeless prodigy line from Skeyndor takes the principle of stem cells and takes it to next level in technology. It features the latest in European multi-gene technology. What this means is that it contains over 50 million stem cells from Rosa Damascena, and high concentration of ingredients like White Truffle, Kombucha Tea, Teprenona , wild olive tree, hyaluronic acid, growth factors and many more.

The result is a formula that has the potential to be the best anti-aging cream in the world. It helps by increasing the production of vital skin cells. Which in turn helps restore the volume of the skin. There is even a serum version for deeper penetration and faster results. Yet, the true premier product of the entire line is the Luxury Elixir.

The Timeless Prodigy Luxury Elixir is a special revitalizing therapy in itself. It comes with three distinct formulations that work as one. Known as a 3-Phase Aesthetic Rejuvenation Strategy. They help recharge the energy levels of the skin from within. By working together, they increase the number of cells in the skin. As well as improve their quality and functional capacity.

Here are the products that you can get in this line :

1.Timeless Prodigy – The Cream
2.Timeless Prodigy – The Serum
3.Timeless Prodigy – The Luxury Elixir

Skeyndor Professional Treatments

Between these three lines, your skin has more than enough nourishment to fight off the signs of aging. If you still feel the need for more, then you can always try our professional salon treatments.

Each of these lines features a special salon treatment with the same name. That combines all the ingredients to create a mega dose of nourishment. Which you get to experience through a relaxing facial experience.

You can visit Skeyndor’s website to book the salon session or buy one of the products online. We deliver all over the country, and can also guide you to your nearest Skeyndor salon partner. So, hit us up today and begin your own battle against the passage of time.

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