How to prevent and reduce fine lines on your face

There is perhaps nothing women hate more than getting fine lines on face. It’s not the lines themselves that worry them as much as what they represent. I.e. fine line meaning aging, and aging means facing their own mortality. However, no matter how much we try to ignore them, fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable. As we age and our skin loses its elasticity, fine lines around the eyes and forehead only get more pronounced. Some women learn to accept this change, while others do everything in their power to remove them. This can mean anything, from exercising to buying the best creams and serums meant to reduce the deterioration of the skin. Some even get cosmetic surgery to permanently freeze their face in an artificially youthful look.

While you would be well within your rights to try any of these solutions, we’d recommend something less drastic. You see, fine lines on face represent the kind of life you have led. Even the placement of the fine lines under eyes and forehead can give a glimpse into the kind of person you are. For E.g. crow’s feet around your eyes represent a joyful nature, while deep furrows near the eyebrows represent an angry disposition. So, you should think twice before trying to permanently remove these fine lines and wrinkles from your face. Even if you don’t want them, stick with more preventative steps that help reduce their appearance. To help you get started, we have compiled a few tips that will help reduce fines lines on your face. These include some simple tricks as well suggestions for some of the best creams and serums for reducing fines lines.

Protect Against Exposure
One of the most common solutions for most skincare issues is keeping the skin from getting exposed to toxins. These toxins can be of all types, from harmful UV rays to dirt, dust, and pollution. Even the toxins we consume, such as alcohol, tea/coffee, and even sugar can have detrimental effects on the skin. This is why it is recommended to avoid exposure to these elements if you want to sustain healthy skin. You can do this simply by keeping yourself covered up when traveling outdoors. Or you can try the more comprehensive solution of using sunscreens to do the protection for you. If you want to try the latter, Skeyndor has its own range of sunscreens to help keep you safe.

Focus on Rest & Repair
Another simple way of ensuring that your skin stays smooth is by giving it enough time to rest and recover. Excess stress on your body can make itself known through your expressions. Lack of proper rest can also cause dark spots and eye bags to form on your face. Both of these situations lead to the formation of stress-related fine lines around your eyes and on your forehead. To prevent these, make sure you get enough rest. This not only means getting 8 hours of solid sleep but also resting properly, by sleeping on your back. Even if you’re resting for a short time, make sure you’re not keeping your face in your hands. This is because these positions encourage creases in your skin.

If you want to supplement your rest, you can use certain night creams and skin serums to aid in recovery. We recommend our Finish Rides Cream, which is a night cream designed to increase the available energy to the skin. It acts as a moisturizer, and also encourages tissue renewal. With regular use, it will help restore the skin barrier and fill up the fine lines on the face. For people suffering from eye bags, our Cooling Eye Contour & Eye Lash Gel is the perfect solution. It delivers a lifting effect on the eyelids and strengthens the eyelashes. This helps rejuvenate the eye contour and smoothen the fine lines. Both of these products are designed to amplify the repair process and help you get the youthful look you desire.

Avoid Crease Causing Habits
As we mentioned above, fine lines and wrinkles represent the kind of life you have led. This is a fancy way of saying that your expressions, good or bad, are directly responsible for your face lines. So, a simple way of preventing fine lines is to keep your expressions in control. However, this is easier said than done. You see, a lot of people have the habit of making over-the-top faces. While this seems harmless at the moment, your facial muscles get used to making those faces even without your notice. If you don’t put conscious effort into avoiding this habit, it can become the foundation of your face lines.

One way of solving this problem is by practicing face yoga. These are simple exercises designed to help loosen your facial muscles and get them into their natural resting position. You can also use deep breathing techniques to get yourself to relax. Even if you have already developed certain expression lines, it doesn’t mean that the process isn’t reversible. One solution for that is our Eye Expression Line Eraser Cream. This cream has been designed to fill in the minute fine lines around the eyes. It also contains rich pearl micro-pigments that help lighten the dark spots around the eyes. This dual effect helps relax the expression lines around the eye contour and gives it a natural glow.

Use High-Quality Skincare Products
Good habits and noble intentions can only take us so far. Eventually, the process of aging starts to make itself known irrespective of how many efforts you put in. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up. There are still a lot of cosmetic solutions available when it comes to reducing the effects of aging. Skeyndor itself has invested a lot in R&D, into creating an extensive line of products that work on fine lines. These products range from day and night creams to concentrated serums and ampoules, and even highly potent plant-based skin treatments.

One of the first we would like to recommend is our Expression Line Serum. This serum contains neural-inhibitor agents and skin-lifting peptides that have been further reinforced with skin fill-in substances. This concentrated formula helps smoothen the expression lines on the face. For people looking for an even more potent solution, we recommend our Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate. It is an intensive anti-wrinkle ampoule, which features the synergy of three powerful decontractors. It is inspired by corrective aesthetic medicine and delivers an extra punch towards tackling fine lines on the face.

These products are more than enough when it comes to filling in existing expression lines. However, some people still prefer a more in-depth solution when it comes to the problem of aging. A solution that doesn’t just fill in the fine lines, but actually addresses the loss of skin elasticity. Skeyndor’s solution to this issue comes in the form of our Eternal Icy Eye Cream. This cream has been created by combining various types of plant-based nanoliposomes. These extracts help boost the production of a vital dermal substance that helps fill in the soft tissue from within. This helps reverse the loss of fullness that causes fine lines and wrinkles in the first place. While it doesn’t reverse the flow of time, it still goes a long way in making your face look youthful.

With these tips and cosmetic solutions, you too can prevent and reduce the fine lines on the face. Just make sure you don’t forget to indulge in the proper diet, rest, and exercise needed to maintain a healthy life.

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