How to Remove Tan from your Skin

Humans have a complicated relationship with tan skin. On one hand, there is a whole segment devoted to getting fair people the sun tanned skin they desire. At the same time, the beauty industry in India is busy addressing the question of how to remove tan from skin. Irrespective of which side of the equation you fall in, it is important to first understand what is tan skin.

What is Tan Skin?

Tanned skin meaning is often defined by the group of people you ask. For European populations, tan skin is exotic, and a sign of beauty. In a region where most people are quite pale, the ‘sun kissed’ look is quite desirable. For people of Asian or African descent, tan skin tone is normal, but not preferable. In these populations, people often focus on how to remove tan from skin and look fairer.

In both cases, the approach towards tan skin is more aesthetic than medical. In reality, tanned skin meaning a visible sign that sun exposure damaged your skin. The excess melanin production that causes your skin to become darker, is a defence mechanism of your body. It protects your skin from further damage.

Keep that in mind for the next time someone asks, what is tan skin and how can they get it. The most common areas of your skin that get tanned easily are:
1. Face
2. Arms
3. Hands
4. Feet
5. Neck

What causes Tan Skin?

You can get sun tanned skin simply by standing outside. Sunlight consists of a spectrum of UV rays that can penetrate the skin’s surface and damage the epidermis. These rays are present around us even if the weather is cloudy. This is why we recommend using a sun tan lotion in all types of weather conditions.

The three main types of UV rays are:

1. UV-A
2. UV-B
3. UV-C

When enough skin cells get damaged, they begin secreting chemicals that the brain translates into a burning feeling. This prompts the body to increase the blood flow to the area, to start the much-needed repairs. The damaged cells are then replaced and shed through peeling. This experience is commonly known as a sunburn.

Risks of Tan Skin

In addition to the obvious aesthetic changes caused by sun damage, there are many other risks associated with sun exposure. The most common ones are:

1. Photo-Ageing
2. Eye Damage
3. Cancer
4. Immune Suppression

We haven’t mentioned sunburns here, because even though they cause a lot of damage, most of them aren’t permanent. Unfortunately, with enough exposure, you can also get one of the above-mentioned issues related to sun damage. And most of them are often permanent, if not lethal.

Photo-Ageing: This is a type of premature ageing caused by exposure to excessive sunlight. It causes the breakdown of vital collagen and elastin fibers present in the skin. This can result in the following changes to the skin:

1. Dark Spots
2. Wrinkles
3. Leathery Skin Texture
4. Loose Skin

Eye Damage: The region around our eyes is even more sensitive than the rest of our skin. So, sun exposure can cause even more damage to the eyes if they are overexposed. Major problems caused by tanning to the eyes are as follows:

1. Muscular Degeneration around the eyes
2. Photokeratitis (Snow Blindness / Sunburn of the Cornea)
3. Cataracts

Cancer: Even though the causes of cancer occurring in a patient are often genetic, environmental factors also play an important role. Sun exposure can definitely cause the process to get accelerated. The most common types of cancers associated with sun exposure are:

1. Melanoma
2. Non-Melanoma
3. Intraocular Melanoma (Eye Cancer)

Immune Suppression: Excessive exposure to the UV rays of the sun can cause the immune system to get suppressed. This causes the body to have all types of negative reactions to outside stimuli. It can be something as simple as making you extra sensitive to the sun. Or more sinister, like a reaction to specific medications. Or even the proliferation of infectious diseases.

Skin Tan Removal

Now that you are aware of what is tan skin, it is time to focus on how to remove tan from skin. You can try various ways of dealing with this issue. Some are simple lifestyle changes, while others require more active use of a specific cream, lotion, and other treatments. Let us begin with the lifestyle part.

Lifestyle Changes

The question of how to remove tan from skin isn’t hard to answer if you are willing to make compromises. And unless you have excessive sun damage already, most of these compromises won’t feel too much either. Some of the common ways you can reduce your chances of developing tan skin are:

Always wear sunscreen when going outside.

1. Use hats, scarves, and gloves to protect your skin.
2. Avoid going outside during peak sunlight hours.
3. Make sure all cosmetic products you use have some SPF protection.
4. Keep yourself hydrated.
5. Scrub / Cleanse your skin to remove dead cells.

Skeyndor Power C+ Home Care Line

Unfortunately, if your skin has already been damaged by the sun, it makes it harder to achieve total skin tan removal. You need skincare products that have been designed specifically to answer the question of how to remove tan from skin. Skeyndor’s Power C+ Line of home care products are made to do just that.

Our line consists of some of the best cream, lotion, and serum available to help remove the tan from your face and skin. You can select from the following options:

1. Power C+ Energizing Cream SPF 15
2. Power C+ Energizing Emulsion
3. Power C+ Antiox Glowing Serum
4. Power C+ Pure C Concentrate 7.5%
5. Power C+ Eye Contour

What differentiates them from each other is the focus on different skin types and conditions. For example, The Power C+ Energizing Cream is made to work with dry skin. While the Emulsion is more focused on oily and combination skin. The Eye Contour is designed to work on more sensitive regions around the eye. At the same time, the Serum is too strong to use anywhere that is sensitive to chemicals.

This way you get multiple options for skin tan removal that are effective in their own way. You can pick and choose depending on your personal needs, and buy them all online at Skeyndor’s webstore.

Skeyndor Power C+ Professional Salon Treatment

For people who don’t know which products to pick, or just want a more hands-free experience, Skeyndor Power C+ products can also be availed in the form of a professional salon treatment. The treatment is available at any of Skeyndor’s partner salons.

The treatment itself is made up of 6 unique cosmetics that are applied to your face in a specific order. They are designed to infuse your skin with concentrated Vitamin C, and other superfruit extracts. To help your body absorb these nutrients, our salon partners utilize a thorough and relaxing massage.

If you want to experience this for yourself, visit our website’s “Know Your Treatment” section. It is an interactive tool that will help you select the treatment that best suits your need. Our team will also help you book an appointment at your nearest salon. This way, you will be able to get rid of your tan skin, without too much hassle. So, stay safe and give us a chance to pamper you to perfection.

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